Fixing & Repairing Your AC with Georgetown, KY AC Repair Experts


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When summer comes in Georgetown, KY, it typically brings hotter than average temperatures. The temperatures this year, however, have been extreme across most of the country. These have made air conditioning not necessary but mandatory for health and safety. 

The problem with excessively running a unit is it can develop problems over time. While homeowners can troubleshoot and DIY some generic issues, trusted, skilled AC Repair experts like those you will find at need to handle the intricate, detailed repairs. The complexities of an HVAC system can be overwhelming for the average person with minimal knowledge. Attempts at repairs above a basic level could create more trouble and higher repair bills.

Fixing And Repairing Your AC With Georgetown KY AC Repair Experts

Air conditioning repair experts in Georgetown, KY, can often help a homeowner troubleshoot a problem over the phone and walk them through a minor issue without the need for a service call. 

But when the problem is more serious, the more details a homeowner can provide, the better prepared the service technician is to make the necessary fixes upon arrival. Some of the more common problems that experts run into include:

  • Air conditioning does not blow cool air

If the system comes on but is not blowing cool air through the vents, you need to check the vents to ensure each is open and double-check the thermostat to see if it is on and set for cooling. The next easiest tip is to look at the air filter to see if it is covered in dirt or clogged, restricting the airflow. 

A clogged air filter can cause numerous issues, including freezing up the evaporator coils, further preventing airflow. The air filter needs changing at least every three months or 30 days, depending on usage and if you are in a pet zone.

Problems for an expert can include an issue with the fan/fan motor. If the fan turns with ease, the problem might be the motor not getting adequate electrical power, or it could possibly be a refrigerant leak. These details need to be expressed to the technician for a more seamless inspection upon arrival.

  • Air conditioning is leaking water

If your air conditioner is leaking water inside the house, you will want to turn it off to prevent extreme expense in water damages. The cause can be a clogged condensate drain. The line can create a backup of water coming back into the household. For those who enjoy DIY, a wet-dry vac can sometimes free the obstacle in the hose. 

If that’s unsuccessful, you could have a rusted-out drain pain or a broken-down pump. The repair expert will replace these parts and have them back to working without leaks relatively easily.

  • The air conditioner will not stop

If the system continues to run longer than it typically should, it can again be due to the air filter needing to be replaced. You can either clean a reusable filter or replace a disposable one to see if it fixes the issue. If the unit is close to its lifespan or has inadequate sizing, it can work much less efficiently. That would mean cycling frequently and having a challenge with shutting off. Some other potential problems include:

  1. Bad thermostat
  2. Cable short in the thermostat
  3. Fan relay that is stuck

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Final Thought

A good rule of thumb is to gain some insight on the care and upkeep of your make/model of air conditioner from the experts that you, as the homeowner, can perform throughout the year to keep the system running at peak performance. Look here for guidance on maintaining your HVAC.

Then before the summer season hits in early spring, invest in preventative maintenance services with AC repair technicians in your local Georgetown, KY, area. With the proper yearly servicing, the experts will repair, replace, and clean each component in the unit. 

It allows you peace of mind that any potential defect is being corrected, so there is less likelihood for a malfunction in the heat of the summer. You can also rest assured that the system will work much more efficiently, extending its lifespan and saving you money in energy costs. That is an investment that gives awesome returns.

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