3 Ways Quilt Mattress Covers Change Your Sleep For The Better


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Sleep is an essential part of your daily routine. Indeed, experts recommend about 7-8 hours of sleep every night. And not just sleep, but high-quality sleep. There are times you can get to bed and fall deep into slumber, but sometimes you struggle to fall asleep and keep waking up now and then throughout the night. That’s what’s referred to as low-quality sleep. It leads to problems like chronic exhaustion, aching joints, stress, and poor concentration during the day.

To improve your sleep quality, you need to employ several tactics, such as sticking to an appropriate pre-bed routine, maintaining a cool temperature, or keeping the bedroom dark and quiet. You can also upgrade your bed to offer better comfort. One of the vital accessories is quilt mattress covers. Continue reading for details on how these bedroom adornments can change your sleep for the better:

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Construction Of Quilt Mattress Covers

It pays to know the difference between quilt covers and other types of sleeping gear, such as bedsheets and blankets. It features a single layer of fabric, pressed thinly and with stitching only at the hems. Most blankets also come in one layer, but they’re up to five or more times thicker than sheets. 

Contrary to these two, quilt covers are composed of several layers of fabric, usually two or three. Between these layers, you have a padding material, such as foam. The fabric layers and the fillers are then stitched together in varying patterns (to form boxes, diamonds, or circles) and finished off with a high-quality hem at the periphery.

The Benefits

By purchasing first-rate quilt covers for your bed, here are some of the benefits you’ll potentially reap:

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Added Warmth

For a sound sleep, the thermal comfort of your bed must be on point. Low temperatures are said to breed discomfort, with which you’ll find it hard to fall asleep deeply. Instead, the shivers will keep waking you up as your body struggles to gain warmth. Therefore, it’s advisable to use warm coverings like quilts. 

You understand that the layering of fabrics is a technique to trap an insulating sheet of air between the layers, thus making the cover warm. So, instead of using one thick blanket, you’d want to use multi-layered quilt mattress covers. That would help if it’s wintertime and living in cold areas, like Australia’s New South Wales. If that is the case, consider shopping for luxury quilts made in Australia, which are fortified to brace the harsh winter cold.

Better Support

If you ever woke up with aches on your hips, knees, back, or shoulders, it might have been as a result of poor alignment of your spine as you slept. Scientists argue that your spine must always stay in its natural curvature. Otherwise, you risk developing pain in different parts of your body. 

To ensure your backbone curves properly during sleep, have a mattress that’s firm enough but also soft in the top comfort layer. Even if you have the highest quality mattress, the comfort layer can lose its cushy properties after many years of use. But given that the rest of the mattress structure is still sound, it might not make sense to replace the mattress. Instead, you want to use a quilt mattress cover to restore the supportive properties of your bed.

Reduced Risk Of Allergy

After several years of use, the original mattress cover can open at some point and allow dust mites to access the foam. When these build up to significant levels, they can trigger allergic reactions in your body, causing you to sneeze, have a congested nose or watery eyes, and feel irritated around the nasal passage. 

To prevent such reactions, it’s best to have a dust-proof quilt cover on your mattress. This way, you give no chance to dust mites, pollen, and other allergenic dirt to rest on the foam of your mattress. Thus, every night becomes peaceful and restful enough.

No Need For Further Hesitation

With the above facts, it’s up to you to shop for quilt mattress covers and start enjoying your sleep as other customers do. Make sure you purchase from reputable manufacturers, as you wouldn’t want to compromise the quality of your sleep. Also, go for excellent materials, like cotton, easy to wash, breathable, long-lasting, and warm. Avoid all-satin quilt cover sets, as they’re known to be slippery, uncomfortable, and cold. For other dynamics, such as color, size, and design, feel free to engage your creative brain.

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