Five Ways to Add Kerb Appeal to Your Home

Homes are expensive – just ask Generation Rent. Once you have secured a mortgage and got the keys to your new place, there is a lot of maintenance to complete to protect your investment. Some of these tasks are pretty dull. As much as new insulation or a new chimney may be needed, they aren’t the most exciting of home maintenance jobs.

On the other hand, adding some kerb appeal to your property can increase its value, help you sell a property and is something you can enjoy as you come home every time after a hard day in the office. Here are five awesome ways to add some kerb appeal to your home.

Fix or Upgrade Your Garage Doors

Fix or Upgrade Your Garage Doors

Did you know that more burglaries and crimes occur in hotter temperatures? If this isn’t a good enough reason to fix that garage door, then what is? There are different types of garage doors to choose from. Many households prefer to use up and over garage doors because they can be made with different materials. Thus, they are highly versatile to match with properties from different periods.

Go Green

Plants and flowers beds are the ideal way of adding a splash of colour to your home’s shell. Not everyone is an avid gardener. Nevertheless, there are still ways of crafting that perfect oasis with minimal effort. Choosing plants that require little attention is one way of achieving an appealing look. Even adding artificial plants on your window sill can enhance the external aesthetics of your property from the inside.

Mailbox Makeovers

Mailbox Makeovers
Few people own a standalone mailbox and if you don’t, that is your first mistake. A mailbox can add a nice touch of character to any type of property – and it affords some extra benefits. It stops delivery workers from knocking those flowers you just planted, and it prevents the family dog opening your mail before you.

If you already have one, it may need replacing. Choose one of the stylish modern mailboxes to make a great first impression.

Make House Numbers Pop

If you thought the mailbox was a small item to pay so much attention to then remember the devil is in the detail. This is why you also should spruce up your house numbers. Make your home unique by adding a new style or even go for the much-loved French blue house numbers to add some culture to your home. Ever thought about naming your property? This can also add a touch of elegance and class.

Install a Pathway

Install a Pathway
A pathway adds clear direction to your home and makes it more welcoming for guests. Pathways can be made beautiful with some elegant inclusions, such as evening walkway lighting or a unique mosaic embedded in the design.

These were five of the best ways to upgrade your home’s kerb appeal. Simple tricks like these may increase the value of the property, help you sell, give you enjoyment – and keep the neighbours guessing!

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