Top 5 Tips for Mini Bar Fridges for Your House

We refrigerate a lot of our food and not just the obvious foods like milk, butter and cheese but increasingly, we are looking for a cool space to store vegetables and maybe left over food. A mini bar is an option worth considering to extend the cool space in your house. It is also great for storing drinks when you are entertaining and it is a portable item and so can be taken with you when you go on trips. It is also great if you are flat sharing as a communal fridge can be problematic, not just in terms of space but you cannot trust that your food will be left untouched!

We have compiled the following 5 tips to help you think about your mini bar fridge purchase.
Mini Fridges

  • Size will be important, mini bar fridges come in all manner of shapes and sizes and it will be for you to decide on the space that you have. Some mini bar fridges will fit under your countertop and some would be best placed on your countertop, so decide where your space is and choose the size to suit. Mini Bar Fridges are versatile and do not have to be stored in the kitchen so if you need a bigger fridge than you have space for, that should not be a problem. You may also want to consider the width vs the depth vs the length and the configuration inside so it may be wise to think about what you will mainly be using it for as some may be best for cans and some for bottles.
  • Consider the flexibility of the mini fridge, can you store items in the door pocket, does it have adjustable shelves and can the shelves be removed. It may be that you need the door to open to a particular side if in one place but would prefer it to open to the other side if placed elsewhere, some mini fridges come with options that allow you to open the door from either side. You may want to consider having flexible options if you do not have a definite purpose in mind.
  • Check to see how energy efficient the particular model is. This will be more important if you are planning to use your fridge for extended periods of time as it would not make sense for you to be paying more than you have to, so shop around for an energy efficient model.
  • Colour and style can be very important to some people if they are trying to fit in with a particular type of decor. Fridges come in ultra sleek designs, they can come with a retro look or they can be patterned with statement designs, so decide what would fit best with your style. Colour can also be very important if you are matching other kitchen accessories and the mini bar fridges come in a range of colour options.
    Bar Fridges
    Cost will be a factor, remember cheap is not always worst and expensive is not always best so look at the features and do not simply equate cost with efficiency or quality. Quality and reliability are very important so look at the online reviews like how to home – choosing a mini bar fridge to help you make an informed choice.
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