Top 7 Tips for Finding Value in Local Furniture Stores

It is one thing to walk into the furniture store and leave with an item and entirely another to actually get value for your money. Many shoppers make the mistake of thinking that if a sofa looks beautiful, it must be worth every coin. Hence, they forget to go the extra mile to establish its actual worth. However, furniture shopping is much more complex. You can easily buy a low-quality item just by making rushed decisions or spend more money than you would if you had held your nose a little bit.

What are some of the leading tips for getting value in a local furniture store? We help decipher them for you.

1. Haggle

Many furniture shoppers are yet to really grasp the impact of haggling in furniture stores. For many of them, haggling is simply just a waste of time and pride. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save by mastering some basic negotiation skills. Forget about the fancy price tag and the stern look on the saleslady’s face; get haggling until you drop. Walk out if you must and see if they can negotiate downwards. Try the next door if they have the item of your choosing. If bringing the price down is impossible, seek for free things such as pillows or delivery.

2. Timing Is Everything

Like the four seasons of the world, furniture prices are never constant. There are certain months of the year when prices skyrocket and some when you’ll get rock bottom prices. Some of the good deals are available during major public holidays such as Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. If you can plan your shopping around then, you will pay more for less. According to Designer Marketplace Furniture Stores Minneapolis, some stores offer even better discounts during the 4th of July or Christmas in a bid to clear inventory.

3. Inspect, Inspect, Inspect


The beauty of buying furniture from brick and mortar stores is that it gives shoppers an opportunity to interact with the furniture items before shelling out their cash. Thankfully, stores give a green light for inspection. Examine the legs of the sofa or chair. Ensure they are heavy wood and have a firm joint to the frame. From experience, rubber, plastic, or metal legs are not only less-attractive but can destroy your beautiful floors.

Don’t forget to check for springs as well. The rule of thumb here is to get a sofa with conventional coiled springs if you are a fan of firm sofas. Alternatively, go for zigzag coils. To do this, press the base of the sofa and watch how it springs back to place.

Furthermore, check the cushions for firmness. Firm cushions have been known to be more durable than their counterparts. The covers should also be easily removable for the purposes of cleaning. If you are buying a furniture item with drawers and cabinets, don’t be afraid to get in there and check those as well. The drawers should open all the way out, latch correctly and finally, shut seamlessly. The doors should open wide and not try to shut while you get busy getting something from the cabinet. Last but not least, the knobs and handles should fit properly without turning and jiggling. Put simply, get your hands dirty and inspect everything.

4. Avoid Nail And Glue

As tempting as glue and nailed furniture items are, they can be weak and messy; not to mention a hazard to the members of your family. If you have young children whose hobbies include climbing up and down sofas all day long (which we bet they do), you would rather avoid having nails in your home as much as possible. Look for chairs where wood is joined at corners and ends. These are not only sturdier but can comfortably carry more weight without posing any risk to the members of your family.

5. Learn your furniture

Learn your furniture
They say knowledge is power and this couldn’t play out so well than shopping for furniture at your local store. If you want a wooden furniture item, it will do you well if you specify what kind it is (veneers, solid wood, or particle board). In practice, solid wood is the most expensive of all categories. It looks great but can be prone to water rings and scratches. Veneers have average prices because their bases are covered with good-quality wood. Particle board wood is the cheapest of them all and is basically a combination of plastics, wood pulp, resin and scraps of furniture. This last group may look nice at first but won’t last for long.

6. Go Easy On Colors

In today’s world, designers love to experiment with bright, bold colors and honestly, we couldn’t be happier. They add a wow-effect to any space in an instant. That notwithstanding, you want to take precaution before buying bold color palettes especially for large furniture items such as a couch. For instance, if you want a maroon-themed space, don’t be in a rush to get a maroon sofa. Analyze how all the colors will play out first. Enlist the help of an interior décor expert if you must. You might just save yourself some money and time.

7. Used furniture isn’t such a bad idea

Don’t rule out the possibility of purchasing used furniture as you shop around. If you are hard-pressed for money, this idea can step in and save the day, and many more, only if you execute it well enough. Look out for stains, rips, scratches, watermarks, and tears both for the cushions and the couches. Sit on it for some time and establish whether it is really comfortable and sturdy. If you tick all the boxes, by all means, go for it. Some of the deals on second-hand furniture are absolutely fantastic.

The difference between informed and uninformed furniture shoppers is in the mastery of the tips above—not the size of bank accounts. If you know what to do and say to get value for your money, the sky is the limit for you. You can walk away with some of the best furniture items that will give you good service for years to come—all for unbelievable prices.

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