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Five Useful Reasons Why a Pre-Purchase House Inspection is Necessary

Purchasing a new home is usually an exciting exercise, and often you will be fortunate enough to find the perfect home that is precisely what you were looking for. Everything can look perfect at first glance, but it is not wise to purchase a home without having a professional inspect it first. Signing the contract too hastily can lead to disappointment when you discover some structural flaws or other issues that you were not aware of before the time. A trained pair of eyes can give the house an objective and practical look over and let you know whether you are making a sound investment by purchasing the home or not. If you are not entirely sure that hiring a professional house inspector is in your best interest, then have a look at these five reasons why we would recommend it.

Evaluating Structural Soundness

A second-hand house is unlikely to offer a flawless report. While it may appear to be perfectly restored on the outside, a building inspector may find hidden defects that you may not have been aware of to look for. This can include:

  • Rusty roofs
  • Rising damp
  • Rotting beams
  • Cracking walls, etc.

A professional home inspector can provide you with a comprehensive report after evaluating if the home is structurally sound.

Evaluating Repair Costs

Inspecting Additional Structures

It rarely happens that a house is perfect, which means you will most probably deal with some damages and repair costs linked to them. Investing in a new home also means you’re signing up for any future repairs and maintenance, which can quickly add up. Once an inspector locates any defects, you can either have them taken care of before you purchase or include them as a bargaining tool when negotiating the sale price. Check out pest and building inspections Gold Coast for professional home inspections to help you evaluate a new home before signing the dotted line.

Reporting On Possible Safety Issues

Structural damage can put your family at risk. You must ensure that the new house is a safe property to live in. Pre-purchase home inspections can help with pinpointing any safety issues that can compromise the safety of yourself and your family. This can reveal if the home is free of dangerous contaminants like mold, mildew, asbestos, etc. They can also look for any possible fire or electrical hazards. Bad wiring, for instance, can pose severe electrocution or fire hazards, and faulty smoke detectors can only escalate the issue.

Inspecting Additional Structures

A house inspection doesn’t just include the main house but also any other structures on the property. Pre-purchase inspections can involve checking of the shed, driveways, garage, patio, fences, and any other structures. All such structures must be safe to meet the local council regulations.
Inspecting Additional Structures

Revealing The Real Value Of The House

Without a pre-purchase home inspection, you can’t evaluate the actual value of the house you are looking to invest in. Avoid buying an overvalued home that can end up costing you more along the line.

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