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Five Tips to Create More Space in Your House

The covid-19 pandemic has changed a lot in our lives. Most people nowadays prefer working at home rather than going to the office. That’s one of the reasons that maximum convenience at home has become more priority. 

When looking at the statistics, we see that there is a global rise in the time we spend at home. Having more space is one of the critical points of feeling convenient at home. 

How Much Space Does a Person Need?

On the most basic level, even a tiny house can bring most of the conveniences a larger house does. It depends on how successful you are in your interior design solutions. The simplest tricks and a look out of the box can make a big change.

Let’s see some simple solutions that can help to maximize your space:


Among the top solutions for adding more space in the house is making staircases an integral part of home design. Today fold away staircases have become a popular way to add some creativity at home, and at the same time expand the living space. Even in the case of the smallest house, they can become an ideal approach and a practical way to increase your space. 

Well-chosen staircases will give you safe and easy access and become a customized solution at home. Check out Bcompact to find the best staircases with award-winning design solutions and innovative features. 

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Strategic Storage

One in four people in the world has a storage problem at home. Statistics show that we use about 20% of things we have at home. The smaller the house is, the bigger storage problems are. To keep the home tidy and organized, it is critically important to work right with your space. Adding some in-wall storage solutions with some creative design will not only solve the storage problems but also become a great design solution at home. A well-designed storage solution brings more space to group the items and has quick access to what you need.


Besides being a necessity at home, mirrors are an ideal design tool to maximize your space. You may wonder if mirrors can make a big chance. The answer is yes. Almost all modern interior designers and decorators find mirrors an important part of interior design. The use of mirrors in home design creates a striking effect and helps the room look larger. Hence, besides being an amazing accessory or decor, good mirrors can bring a great transformation to your home. The right choice of mirrors is essential to get the results you expect.


Having high ceilings at home is great! If used strategically, it can bring you a lot of benefits. While not all houses have high ceilings, you can consult with an interior designer and find ways to raise a ceiling at home. Those who do not use the advantage of their high ceiling miss out on a great opportunity to make the house more spacious and luxurious. Among the benefits they offer is that you can creatively use them, use more vertical storage units, accommodate beautiful feature lighting, etc.


Even the smallest room can look spacious when it is well lit. Today designers give much importance to spreading light around, as it brings a nice addition to any house. Using creative solutions and clever tricks you will be able to make your home look lighter, larger, and brighter.


Let’s face it, although small houses can bring a lot of benefits, low costs, less labour, etc, a high percentage of people dream to have a big house. Statistics show that tiny house owners manage to save more money.  No matter if you have a small or big house, great interior design solutions can make a big change. Adding some creativity and small house design ideas and tricks can help you to feel more comfortable even in the smallest house.

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