Five Small Changes That Will Revitalise Your Home

Want to spruce up your home but on a budget? It’s entirely possible to revitalise your home by making some small changes that are quick, easy and much more affordable that a complete redesign of your home.

Read on to find out how…

Rearrange Your Furniture

Something as simple as moving your furniture can make a world of difference to the energy in your home. Feng shui is the Chinese philosophy of creating a more harmonious space and introducing elements of it into your home could have positive repercussions in other aspects of your life.
Rearrange Your Furniture

Introduce a Statement Colour

You don’t have to do anything as big as painting an entire wall to introduce a new colour palette to your home; some small pieces can make a big difference. Add a splash of colour to your furnishings with bright cushions, patterned bedding or bold curtains.

Then, find some statement pieces to compliment – like vases, candles or placemats – to pull together a perfectly-curated look.

Hang up a Mirror

Adding a mirror to your room will open up the space and make it feel bigger. Plus, it can be a statement piece of furniture that becomes a stylish focal point. Hanging a sleek round mirror in your living room will be sure to draw the eye, or a modern curved full-length mirror from Cox & Cox could be the perfect finishing touch for your bedroom.

Buy House Plants

Adding some green can breathe new life into your home. As well as the aesthetic benefits, house plants can also be good for your health according to the RHS. To name just a few of the psychological and physical benefits – plants trap pollutants and therefore improve air quality, helping us to breathe more easily. They significantly reduce feelings of fatigue and headaches and they can also improve your mood.
Buy House Plants

Introduce a New Scent

Smell is one of the most powerful senses as it has the ability to trigger a memory or certain emotions. Reinvigorate your home by introducing a new aroma with a scented candle or a reed diffuser. The right scent can help you feel relaxed and less anxious as soon as you enter a room, it could promote better quality of sleep and the soft flicker of a candle flame will also create a tranquil ambience in your room.

Spruce up your home for less with these five quick and easy changes that won’t break the bank. With our five top tips, you could feel like you’re in a brand new home in the space of one weekend!

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