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How to Get More People Sharing Your Content on Social Media

How to Get More People Sharing Your Content on Social Media

Did you ever think about how to viral a post on social media?

You need content that guarantees to go viral. Though it is a great thing, but the best marketers in the business never go up every time they publish.

You need a first-class content to make your post outshine the brand. You need a responsive audience and grave content promotion skills. For an unknown blogger, genuine ideas and plans of action are needed to hit the mainstream. Users of Instagram have to understand their audience, content promotion, and what content needs to share.

How Would You Get People to Share Your Content?

How Would You Get People to Share Your Content

Only having a good content can never encourage people to share your content. You just cannot wait to post attractive content and waiting for the people to share your content. Definitely, you need to do something remarkable. Also, you need to understand how much control you have on the social sharing of the content.

Ask for Shares

Don’t hesitate to ask for sharing. You can start sharing the content right from your home or office. Ask your siblings or colleagues to share the content. Your social engagement gets higher by 40% when you start asking others to share your content.

Keep in mind; you are not supposed to ask others for sharing if you are not ready to give the same favor to them.

Make Sharing Easy

Make it easy for everyone to share your content. It is nothing more than clicking one or two buttons for sharing content. An easy example of making easy sharing content is “tweetable.” You will see significant results once you implement this strategy.
Make Sharing Easy

Use Images

Find a post with photos, proper hashtags, and caption, find another post without any photo or caption – now ask yourself, which post is more appealing to you and grabbing your attention.

Of course, you will find the first post (with photos and proper setting) attractive and more engaging. Just like you, people love images, and posts that have images on Facebook tend to get 104% more engagement in terms of comments, 84% more click-through rate, and 54% more likes. According to a study conducted by Buffer, they discovered that tweets with photos get 18% more likes, 150% more tweets, and 89% more favorites. The same is the case with Instagram and other social media platforms.

Make “Round-ups” as Blog Posts

Round-ups are a format of content. You can ask the same question from dozens of experts and round up all the answers in a blog post. Your round-ups can be in the form of Slide Shares or audio recordings, but mainly you will see blog posts.

Such a format can provide a really high share counts. It is because you can reach out to everyone who participated in it after the post is published. Typically, experts have a larger audience who prefer round-ups to promote their posts.

Use Tools

With the right budget, you can utilize tools to help you boost social shares. Besides, you can use loads of tools but be alert. Some tools are fake that claims to generate shares on social media accounts.

Make Strong Headlines

Try finding the best literature on how would you make a strong headline. Mainly, your headline depends on whether your articles get sharing or not. Around 80% of people never read outside your headlines. The most vital key to writing good headlines is to grab the attention of your readers psychologically. With the help of some tools, you can measure the emotional strength of your headlines and even score it. Also, make sure not to promise something that you cannot fulfill.
Make Strong Headlines

Up to You

As a marketer, a brand ambassador, now it is up to you to make things go on the track. Your content must be shared with others. More than numbers, the goal of a marketer must be reaching the right audience. So, try considering these practical tricks to get more social shares. Don’t ignore the fact that you ought to generate the best quality content so that people may find relevancy with your content and not think twice before sharing it. It means that your content must be worth reading as well as worth sharing.

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