Five Sensible Ways That Busy People Can Keep Their Homes Always Clean

By Anita Edwards, Blog Editor at Spekless in Washington, D.C.

A clean home promotes a healthy life. At least, you will be saving yourself and your family from infections that can land you in the hospital. Even if you are busy, you need to maintain a clean home. Here are some simple tips to help you keep your home clean and pleasant even if you barely have time on your hands.

Get a permanent place for some items

Get a permanent place for some items

Sometimes, we place certain things anywhere because we don’t have a permanent place for them. Have a place for your keys, emails, and kitchen items such as napkins. If you have a permanent place to keep them, you will not need to scatter your stuff looking for them. You already know where they are because their positions are permanent. Remember to sort your mail right after taking them from the mailbox.

Deal with spills immediately

Whether you spilled water on the floor, or you spilled soup in the fridge, you need to clean it away. It saves a lot of time and energy since it is easier to clean. The spilled liquid does not leave a dirt mark either. With that being said, it is important to keep cleaning tools closer so that you can easily grab them when you spill.

Leave shoes at the entrance

Leave shoes at the entrance
Shoes bring in a lot of dirt. You can keep a shoe rack beside the door and make a rule that everyone should keep their shoes there. Whenever a member of your family comes into the home, he or she should keep the shoe properly organized on the rack. You can leave slippers on the rack for people to wear into the home. If you do that your floors will not be as dirty as they used to be. This means that you will be cleaning your floors less often.

Do the dishes before going to bed

Doing your dishes can make your home look really clean even if you have not cleaned much. The dishes that pile up after breakfast are not really noticeable. However, by supper time, the dishes will not look nice in your sink. That is why you should make sure that you do not go to bed with dishes in your sink.

You should also clean up your counters and tables after eating. Clear everything off your counters when you finish using them. Doing these things will help you to keep a clean kitchen.

Deep clean at least once in 2 months

Housemaid Sweeping Floor In Kitchen
Deep cleaning clears every dirt you cannot get rid of when you do your routine cleaning. It also makes routine cleaning easier. Even if you are busy you can set aside a weekend in 2 months to clean. You don’t need to do it all by yourself either. You can get the services of a professional cleaning company like house cleaning in Arlington, VA. At least, you will get the work done and you will not be extremely tired. During the deep cleaning process, you can reorganize some parts of your home if the need arises. When reorganizing, do it in a way that will make your routine cleaning easier.

Today’s post was from Anita Edwards – professional writer and editor. She works as blog editor at Spekless, where she shares her own and her colleagues’ tips for cleaning. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and going on day trips with her children.

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