Five Interior Design Trends Made Even Better With Mosaics in 2022

With 2022 just starting, it’s time to look at what design trends we will be seeing in everyone’s homes next year. For many, the last two years have been a time when we were rearranging and decorating our homes reactively, just trying to catch up with the fast-changing world. Experts say in 2022 most will take a more proactive approach towards their home styling. Mozaico, the leading producers of luxury handmade mosaics, take a closer look at what trends will define how our homes will look and feel this coming year.

Earthy Greens

The experts are unanimous — colors taking inspiration from nature are the ones that are going to dominate in our homes in the near future. Green, in particular, is known for its relaxing, soothing effects. Reminding us of lush forests and relaxed summer days, greens in the interiors offer the truly limitless field for design experiments. Adding plants to indoor spaces is also expected to be a popular decoration technique, however, not all rooms are suitable for plants. Smaller bathrooms without any source of natural light may be challenging for most plants — so a great alternative is adding nature-inspired mosaic wall art in green shades, such as Mozaico’s ‘Green Tree’, Wild Flowers’ or ‘Ancient Tuscan’.

Sustainable Materials

The shift towards nature is seen in all aspects of home design, from colors to textures to materials. In 2022, more attention will be paid towards what materials are being used for interior design and decoration, as well as their potential environmental impact. Mosaics being one of the most ancient art forms is also one of the most sustainable forms of decoration. Mosaic art uses only natural materials, such as marble, quartz or mosaic glass, while avoiding plastic. Apart from that, mosaic art is highly durable, able to withstand decades while maintaining a fresh and beautiful look. 

Natural Textures

Next year, apart from the visual and practical aspects, other sensual aspects of design will be important as well, especially smell and touch. While many will start experimenting with scent-scaping in order to zone their houses with different scents and aromas, others will pay extra attention to how their decor feels. Natural marble mosaics are one of the simplest and classiest ways to add texture to your walls and floors, bringing a luxurious, elegant finish.

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Spa Inspired Bathrooms

Another big trend for home spaces is spa inspired bathrooms. Over the last two years, many of us have reconsidered how we see and use our home, as well as our bathrooms. Currently, bathrooms have stepped outside of their functional range and turned into wellness spaces, a real home spa. This raised a demand for luxury finishes on the market, including mosaic pieces. Having a mosaic wall art in your shower or adding a mosaic rug under the bathtub instantly sets the mood and creates the atmosphere of an exclusive spa.

‘Very Peri’ and Shades of Blue and Purple

Last week, Pantone, the global color authority, released a color shade of 2022, named ‘Very Peri,’ a vibrant periwinkle blue with violet-red undertones. We may experience similar shades of blue and purple entering our living spaces in the next year too. For those who want to incorporate a mosaic in this trendy color, offers an opportunity to choose any color on the palette. Custom made with mosaic glass, Mozaico art pieces can be customized both in color, material, and design, offering unlimited options to unleash your creativity.

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