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Finest Architectural Features at Home

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It doesn’t matter if you live in a terrace house or a sprawling villa. You can both appreciate a great architectural feature and even add it to your home.

You may not be able to knock your house down and start again but by incorporating some of the following you can transform your living space.


Check out what railsafe.com.au has to offer and you’ll instantly realize that the balustrade doesn’t need to be a traditional wooden spindle effect. You can utilize virtually any material to create a stunning and stylish feature for your home.

The best part is that the balustrade will be custom built. Not only will it be a talking point you’ll probably be the envy of all your neighbors.


If you have an open plan space then a great feature that adds character to the room without destroying the space is an archway. This can be created at a natural dividing point between the spaces.

You can choose your preferred style of arch; from Gothic to Roman or even a standard curve. They are surprisingly easy to add to a home; or even remove if necessary.


If you have a roof space that can be utilized then a great feature is to add a dormer. Again there is a huge range of styles that you can choose from; allowing you to place your own stamp on the property.

Even if you opt for a basic dormer it is possible to create your own style by adding architectural features such as moldings.

In fact moldings are a popular architectural feature inside and outside the home.

The Overhang

The Overhang
This is becoming a popularoption for many homes as it provides a natural outside space and shade from the summer sun. It can also be a great architectural feature as it will provide you with the opportunity to use glass and other materials; allowing light into your home.

In fact the overhang should be incorporated into your choice of roof; this will ensure it is part of your home and an architectural feature; not simply an added on piece or afterthought.


One of the most important architectural features of every home is the windows. The greater the level of light that you let into your home the more spacious and natural it will feel. However, you don’t need to stick to the conventional windows and door format. You can make the windows into features by adding styling to their frames or by using unusual sizes and shapes of windows.

It is also possible to add windows to your roof space or even create a huge glass wall. All of these factors will make a huge difference to how the house looks; which is the essence of any architectural feature.

The Lines

If you’re building a home then the lines that your home adopts are particularly relevant. You can opt for the modern look by keeping all the lines simple and straight or you can add lots of features through overhangs and ornate moldings; replicating a Victorian home or even add columns to create the Greek look.

The lines and level of detail on the outside of home will become its defining statement and the greatest architectural feature of your home.

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