Finding the Right Floor Lamp for Every Room

While choosing paint, rugs, furniture, etc., for your house/room, you should never forget the lighting, which is an essential element of the room. After all, without it, you are walking blindly in the dark. Well, maybe not literally, but it definitely changes the “look” of any room. Between the windows and the overhead lights and chandeliers, you may feel the space may still not have enough light. Or it may be too much light, and you want to tone it down a little bit. Ceiling lights are great for cooking and cleaning, while lamps provide lighting for activities such as reading and add considerable warmth to any room.

When it comes to modern floor lamps, the options have become endless. Everything is now available, from bright LED lighting to Bluetooth functionality. Still, it is a complex decision where to find floor lamps online that fulfills your needs. With a little thought before you start shopping, here are few tips that can help you find the right floor lamp for every room:

Decide How Much Light Do You Need

  • Consider the amount of light you need. 
  • Think about how you use your living room and for what. 
  • You will need lower lighting levels and lower heights to read. 
  •  It is advisable to choose a tall floor lamp with bright LED bulbs to brighten a dark room.

Floor Lamp for Every Room2

Lamp Dimensions

  • The table lamp’s correct height depends on the room, the table’s size, and the use of light.
  • Balance the size of the lamp with the furniture that surrounds it.
  • Most living rooms can accommodate lamps that are 26 to 34 inches high.  
  • The table lamp’s correct height is usually determined by the seat’s height and the next table.
  • The table lamp must be high enough for the bottom of the lampshade to reach the eye level of the person sitting next to it. This will give you the best light from the bulb without glare.
  • Bedside lamps are proportional to the nightstand and should typically be 19-21 inches above the mattress’s top. The same rules apply to bedrooms.
  • The dining room cupboard can probably handle anything from 34 “to 36” inches.

5 Tips for Buying a Lamp

  • Select a lamp according to the tone of the room.
  • The lampshade should be at eye level when sitting.
  • Try to keep all the lamps at the same height in the same room.
  • If you like the lamp and it’s too expensive, put it on a small table. 
  • Place books under the lamp if it is too short.
  • The lamps on both sides of the sofa do not have to match. Make sure the heights are the same.

Floor Lamp for Every Room1

The Right Lamp Shade

  • Lampshades come in so many shapes and sizes that if you need to replace an old lampshade or find a lampshade for a new lamp, be sure to search with your lamp.
  • Lampshades are also made of various materials: silk, parchment, linen, synthetic materials; almost anything is allowed today.

4 Tips When Choosing a Lampshade

  • The lampshade’s width must be at least the same as the widest part of the lamp and can be up to twice as wide.
  • The shade should be 40% – 60% of the height of the lamp. For example, a 30-inch lamp has a 13-inch shade.
  • If buying a lamp without shade, it usually comes with a harp. Measure the harp and add a minimum shade height of about 1 inch.
  • Leave a few inches of space between the bulb and the shade.

The goal of a floor lamp should go beyond lighting. It is also a matter of decoration. Look around the room to see if the floor lamps are the answer to brighten your space, give it life, and then hit the internet. When buying a lamp, make sure the lampshade is included in the price. Lampshades are sometimes sold separately, and it may become challenging to have the perfect fit unless purchased with the lamp. Knowing where to find the floor lamps online is a matter of preference, just like your taste in lamps.

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