Finding The Right Decor for Your Home’s Location

Decorating is something that all homeowners have to do from time to time. It’s often the sort of task that fills them with dread: from sourcing materials to choosing complementary colors, it seems to be filled with question marks and hazards. But there’s something else to consider, and that’s how your decor will fit in with the local area. It might seem like a small thing, but it’s pretty significant: you certainly wouldn’t, for example, want to deck out a country farmhouse kitchen in a chic and minimalist way. With that in mind, then, here are some top ways ideas for each location type to help you avoid a decorating faux pas.

Beach houses

Beach houses

When you’ve got a view of the sea at the bottom of your garden, it’s wise to make the most of it! For that reason, plenty of fixtures and fittings which maximize the flooding in of natural light are almost must-haves. Patio doors are a great idea, while large windows make a lot of sense. But it also makes sense to incorporate the textures and colors of nautical and coastal environments into the interior of your home.

Teal, aquamarine and similar green-blue hues are ideal for wall paint, while smaller decorative items made from wood and pebbles will evoke instant memories of beach times for your guests when they walk through the door. For many people, meanwhile, the beach means relaxation. Spaces like bedrooms, then, should be designed with comfort over function at the forefront of your mind, while it may also be a good idea to strategically place love seats, window seats and daybeds around the home to create a sense of relaxation.

Mountainside chalets

Mountainside chalets
Mountainsides are always cold either all or most of the time – and for a savvy interior designer or homeowner, that presents an opportunity. It’s definitely a good idea to go for fixtures like big fireplaces in homes like that – and the layout of the rooms should be focused around them to craft that cozy, snug feeling. When paired with plush sofas and dark wooden furniture your mountainside home can become the perfect antithesis to the elements outside. Those who want to live in this sort of environment should look at the Park City home guide to learn about the variety of properties available. The Park City homes for sale offer a great opportunity to live in a beautiful mountainous area while also giving you access to modern conveniences.

Urban settings

The US is home to so many different types of landscape, and the city is one of them. American cities like New York consist of structures of concrete, metal, brick and glass: from offices to storefronts and from roads to subway lines, those materials are everywhere. As a result, they should be integrated into the decor of an urban property. If you can keep any exposed brick on show in your apartment or townhouse, for example, you’ll be linking it inextricably to its surroundings. That, however, is something that not many people are likely to be able to do, so a more reasonable option for many is to go for simple but sleek chrome fittings in the kitchen and glass-topped smaller items like coffee tables.

Suburban bliss

Rural, coastal and urban aren’t the only types of American environment though. Many Americans also live in the suburbs – and while they may have an unfair reputation for being drab, there are actually plenty of ways in which suburban inspiration can bleed into a home’s interior design. Suburban streets are wide and roomy, and they enjoy lots of simple, open and symmetrical features. Inside, bright white walls help prevent a dingy feeling – while high-quality tiled flooring adds to the feeling of consistency and uniformity. It’s wise to avoid “shabby chic” in a suburban home, and instead embrace the cookie-cutter nature of your environment.

Choosing your decor wisely is essential: not only will it inform how you feel about your home and whether you enjoy living in it, it could also have a profound impact on the amount your property will eventually sell for when it goes to market. Look at some home decor in condos, go to the page and check out the designs that you may like. Once you’ve worked out your budget and personal tastes, don’t forget to mold your decor choices to your environment. Whether you splash the colors of the sea on your beach house’s walls or you go minimalist in your penthouse apartment, there’s always a handy way to incorporate the beauty of your surroundings into the interior of your home.

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