Find the Top-rated Masonry Near You

The most important aspect of successfully building a house is selecting the right masonry contractor. You will not be able to build your house by yourself, which s why you need to delegate that task to a competent, reliable, and trustworthy masonry contractor. To find a top-rated masonry contractor, you will need to do a lot of homework. The internet is crawling with hundreds of them with beautiful websites and glowing reviews, all of which may not guarantee a great outcome.

The right masonry contractors Staten Island will have a team of experienced professionals, equipment, and knowledge to do the job properly. In addition to the project itself, you want a contractor with excellent communication and interpersonal skills to ensure a smooth relationship over the course of the project. Selecting the right masonry contractor will make the next few months easier and will provide you the best value for your money.

Choose a budget

Any masonry project will be expensive, so do expect to pay a hefty amount for high-quality work. Choosing a cheap contractor will equally come with a cheap, low-quality result that will require thousands of dollars in repairs. Invest in high-quality work from the very beginning to ensure that you get quality materials and workmanship. Durability is one of the main reasons people go for stone and brick, and with a high-value contractor, you will get both durability and aesthetics. However, be advised that not all masonry contractors that charge a reasonable amount will deliver quality work, which leads to the next step:


Do your research

In-depth research will determine the reliability and competence of your contractor. Start by finding a list of Staten Island masonry contractors online with your specific project type to increase your chance of finding a perfect fit. From there, find out whether they actually exist beyond their dazzling website by calling their customer support desk; the call should be answered by a professional reply stating the contractor’s name. Generic answers like ‘Hello’ are often a red flag. Additional websites you can check include Angie’s List,

HomeAdvisor, and Yelp; these review sites have proven reliable in helping consumers make informed choices.

You also need to determine what a reasonable quote for your project would be. Many contractors out there will be looking for ignorant clients to take advantage of. Some contractors will sell poor services at the price of high-quality ones as well, which is why research is so vital.

Insurance and warranties

Masonry is often a dangerous undertaking, with the risk of falls, injuries, and damage to third-party property increasing as the project proceeds. With the right insurance cover, you will rest assured that your safety, that of your family, the contractor’s employees and equipment plus all other liabilities are catered to adequately. Ask about the contractor’s insurer and ensure that the company exists and offers reliable services. Next up, ensure that the contractor’s warranty policy is friendly to its clients. With masonry projects, things may malfunction when you move in or start using the premises, and by having a good warranty clause, you are sure that you can always rely on them for urgent repairs.


Speak to previous clients

Clients that have had work done by the contractor you have in mind are better placed to tell you what you are signing up for. From calling them, you will know whether there are any hidden charges, problems or benefits, timeliness, and regard to saving as many resources as possible and general demeanor. A masonry company that provides you with a list of at least five referrals is more likely to deliver quality results and shows trust and confidence in its own brand.

Request to view a portfolio

Like previous clients, a portfolio should help you determine what you can expect if you choose to work with a specific client. Ask to see photos and the cost of each project, especially those that you have in mind, and ask as many clarifying questions as you need. You are about to make a significant investment, and if the contractor does not answer your questions, consider their reluctance a red flag.

Ask people you trust

If you have friends and family that have had some masonry done recently, ask them to refer you to their contractor, or even what they looked for in a valuable contractor. You can also ask a neighbor who has had a project completed recently and has a great result. These recommendations should help you narrow the list down to one or two contractors. However, just because their project was done remarkably by one contractor does not mean that yours will. Different contractors have different specializations, and you must do your homework to ensure that they also have sufficient experience in delivering your kind of project.

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