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When you decide to invest money, you look at different forms of investments and methods that will give you the most benefits in the future. You need a Demat account to get started with it and then you will need a little finance to get started with it. You can start trading if you like or you can also invest in mutual funds. There are other forms of investments as well like the lump sum investment or the Systematic Plan Investment. For calculating the wealth, you will gain over the years some calculators are available online. You can also access a SIP or lump sum calculator to know which one would be better for your investment.

When you get into the market of trading it has everything included, some risks come along with the profits you will be making. Expenditure and risk profile is a major setback if you don’t make your decisions smartly. When you are new to this volatile market, what you can do is take the help of different platforms that will assist you with every investment and also guide you so that you make lesser mistakes and take the right risks.

One such platform is 5paisa which becomes the ultimate one-stop solution to all your investment-related queries and you can also have a Demat account made with their help so that you take a better step towards investment. Opening a Demat account is easy with 5paisa and it can be done in a matter of minutes.

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You can also choose to invest in a lumpsum amount. A lump sum investment is where the investor will have to invest the amount all at once. The entire amount has to be deposited in one go and this is one of the most popular ways of mutual funds. The 5paisa lumpsum calculator will help you calculate the wealth gained over the years in a simple way which is quick to do. Here are the steps to calculate the gains in a few steps with the 5paisa lumpsum calculator:

  1. Select the amount you wish to invest.
  2. Select the number of years you would like to invest the amount for.
  3. Select the expected rate of return

You will get the expected amount and the wealth gained along with the expected total that you will receive over the years of investment. The lumpsum calculator at the 5paisa website uses the following formula:

Estimated Returns = Present Value (1 + r/100) ^n

If you wish to invest in an interval then the SIP form of investment would be the one for you, and if you want to invest in one go then you should choose the mutual funds way of investment.

In the end, both forms of investments have their way of working and depending on what kinds of results you are looking for, you can choose what you want. So, get registered with 5paisa and enjoy the benefits of trading with the best options.

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