Find Out More About How To Spot Leaky Oil Tanks

Nowadays, people are looking for safer and more economical ways to heat their houses and workplaces. There are some alternatives for the central heating system, so you will always have where to choose from. More and more people are using the heating oil as fuel for boilers, heaters and even motors. This is cheaper that Diesel or other car fuel, so you will see for yourself all the benefits if you try it.

As useful as it might be, the heating oil has its’ flaws. For example, it is kept in underground tanks. In case of the tank leaks, serious damage will be caused. Firstly, water supplies will be affected and secondly, the leaking tanks can become a serious environmental hazard. Although only isolated cases have been reported, the situation still remains in the attention of responsible authorities.

What causes oil storage tanks to leak

Although the tanks are handled by “Oil Tank Experts“, the oil tanks can face several issues like rust perforation and storage tank damage. The rust can perforate from the inside, due to the oil’s consistency and from the outside, due to rain and weather conditions. Another type of damage can be caused even during installation. In order to prevent these damages from happening, the U.S Department of Environmental Conservation has compiled some rules to serve as a guide for the registration of tanks that are buried in a site that stores over 1100 gallons of heating oil.

What can you do if you see a tank that has leaked and how can I prevent this from happening

You can spot a leak at tank situated above the ground and at those buried. For those in the ground, leaks can be detected with special techniques and soil tests. If tanks above the ground present leaks, you can easily notice them. In case you see that a heating oil tank has leaked, you should notify the advised authority about this situation.

If you want to prevent the situation described above, you can take a simple measure – test the underground tank for the presence of water. If that’s the case, the situation is dangerous. Like you might guess, the water will corrode the tank, making it leak. Although it might seem unimportant and over-reacted, you cannot be careful enough when it comes to fuel. Heating oil is this kind of substance, so un-appropriate keeping and using can damage it and make it worthless, even dangerous.

Before starting to use this heating oil, think of all the advantages and disadvantages and, after you consider them, make a decision. It is advisable to look for more information on the subject and follow all the instructions you will get for using and keeping the oil.

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