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Features Every Dream Home Should Have

Have you ever thought about your dream home? If you’ve ever gone to design your dream home online at FURNISHD, for example, you might have seen what you can do with your existing space, but also then let your mind wander to discover what other features your dream home might have. As unique as you think your ideas might be, it’s a likely bet that you and many others have myriad ideas in common. Below are some features we think every dream should have:

1. Luxury Swimming Pool

Luxury Swimming Pool1

Pools are common enough in Australia, but large hotel-like pools with a diving board, adjoining hot tub, pool bar and grille, and even handy private outdoor showering facilities are not so common. A dream home in a hot country like Australia would have all of the above, perhaps with a few more features thrown in (water slide for the kids?).

2. Stunning Large Terraces

Stunning Large Terraces

The dream home surely has extended outdoor space for all the main rooms in the house so that any time it takes your fancy, you can move your indoor activity outdoors. Sun terraces are a real symbol of luxury, allowing homeowners to enjoy sunrises and sunsets, as well as coastal or mountain views depending on which way it faces.

3. A “Mudroom”


This one is a bit more practical but if like many families in Australia you love the great outdoors, it’s a must-have for your dream home. The mudroom is a name for that room you may have seen in some TV series where the Royal Family comes back from a day of stalking deer in the Scottish Highlands. It’s a room essentially to unburden yourself of your dirty outdoor garments, boots and other gear so that none of it has to come into the pristine and clean parts of your home. Your outdoors gear is dropped, cleaned and stored all within that mudroom. Perfect. 

4. A Library


Why bother with a simple bookshelf when you could have an entire library in your home? The library is the perfect way to inject a sense of the old-world into an ultra-modern dream home. Where the rest of your house is soft modern linens, clean lines and spacious minimalism, the library is one room you can make look better by cluttering it up a bit with books, papers, a huge ornate writing desk and matching leather chair, not to mention sumptuous rugs, side tables, little statues and ornaments…there’s really no limit in this space.

5. Man Cave

Man Cave

Any man’s dream home includes a man cave, which of course could be just about anything an individual man likes most. That’s the beauty of the man cave concept, there’s really no “standard” here. Most man cave designs will feature at least one big TV, maybe with a video games system attached, but some men prefer their man cave to be a haven of power tools and DIY. Whatever form it takes, the man cave is the dream personal space in any man’s dream home.

6. A Walk-in Closet

Walk-in Closet

If the man cave is the dream space of the man of the house, then the woman of the house is dreaming about the walk-in closet. We aren’t talking about just a large closet that you can step into one or steps here, but rather a closet the size of most downtown studio apartments in Sydney or Melbourne. Dream walk-in closets come not just with their own clothing and shoe storage areas, but dressing tables, make-up areas, comfortable seating and mirrors on every wall so everywhere one looks offers an outfit, hat or pair of shoes at a different angle.

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