Family Camping

Family Camping: Essential Packing

There’s nothing better than a family camping trip – you can have some much-needed rest and relaxation, while also managing to become closer with your loved ones and rekindle relations you may have not had the time for lately. But while all of that is true, you should not take the camping preparations lightly. If you plan your trip on time and complete the packing well enough in advance, you’ll have much less to think and worry about as you set out. But first you will required a dry bag or a waterproof bag to keep your belongings safe. So, you can look here for the dry bags and it will help you to maintain your things safely.

Try to put yourself in a perfectionist’s mindset, and make all of the needed preparations days before the actual trip. That way, you won’t have to rush in and do things at the last minute. The crucial thing here will be doing inventory. In other words, thinking about all of the stuff you’ll need for your outing, and buying and packing all of it on time. Considering that – we’ve prepared a list of some of the essential camping supplies needed for your trip.

You can choose to either go with your own car and pack a tall tents or get yourself a completely equipped RV. If you want to save money and get a cheap RV, you might want to recondition it. Add new furniture, equipment or even give it a new interior paint job. If your interior is wooden, make sure to choose a suitable wooden primer before applying the layers of paint.

Bear in mind, though, that you may very well require some stuff that isn’t on this list, and conversely – that you won’t need everything we list here. That’s because we all have different camping habits and needs – so feel free to alter this and change it according to your specifics.

Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities

First of all, the primary piece of camping supplies you can’t do without is your tent. Preferably, get one that has portable electricity; though you may want to distance yourself from all of the modern amenities for a couple of days. Also, make sure to get a tarp you’ll put under the abovementioned tent. If you’re aiming to be really careful, we recommend getting an additional tarp; you don’t want to be all muddied up if a sudden rain hits you.

Of course, sleeping bags are an absolute must, even in the warmer months; it can get pretty cold outside in the middle of the night. Naturally, you’ll also need a couple of pillows for each of your family members. You should also take a family-sized first-aid package; you never know when something might go awry, and you don’t want smaller injuries to dampen your entire camping experience.

Next up, we’ve got a camping table; you may not have a picnic table present at your camping site, so getting a foldable one and taking it with you is a good idea. There are other practicalities to think about as well, like a lantern; you need some low-tech lighting for absolute emergencies, after all. And if you’re taking the desk with you, a couple of foldable chairs may be in order too.

After you’re done taking care of your sleeping and sitting arrangements, you’d do well to consider a camp stove too. Check to see if your campsite is suitable for fire rings first. If you want to save money or take less stuff with you, there’s a chance you may not need the stove in the first place.

Gear And Clothes

Now that we’ve discussed some of the practical necessities you’ll need for camping, we move onto the next subject – packing the right kind and correct amount of clothes. First of all, think about what you’ll bring your clothes in. If you’re taking your car to the campsite, a hard suitcase may fit the bill. On the other hand, bigger backpacks could use up just as much space, but end up being more flexible in terms of packing and stacking.
Gear And Clothes
That aside, you should definitely bring layered clothing, particularly if you’re taking younger kids with you on the trip. Something like wool or high-quality synthetic, that will be warm for the skin and will help with keeping moisture away. Packing a couple of supreme hoodies is also smart, as you’ll need them when you’re not doing anything physical and start getting cold.

Next up, regardless of the forecast – we can’t urge you to bring some rain gear strongly enough. In the very least, take a jacket with you for every family member who’s coming. And if you think the rain really might start pouring, getting those sets that come with pants as well is incredibly useful. Plus, you’ll still be able to have activities and go on camp adventures, even if it’s raining outside!

Speaking of rain, moisture, and warmth – if you’ve ever been on a rainy camping trip, you’ve probably learned to appreciate wool socks deeply. That goes double if your site is near a body of water, or if you end up hiking for a prolonged amount of time.

Obviously, you should bring a couple of spare undergarments; without going into too much detail on this, you truly never know what might happen. And if you can spare the room, you can see if it’s possible for each of the smaller kids to have a different outfit for each day. When it comes to adults and teenagers, they’re probably able to reuse stuff like hoodies and shirts for a day or two.

Speaking of clean and dirty clothes – make sure you bring a dry bag with you; a place where you can keep the dirty laundry, or wet rain gear after a bad weather day.


Now we arrive at one of the most important pieces of camping equipment that you’ll need to have a great time – appropriate footwear. If you’re not camping in the summer or somewhere with a dry climate – make sure to get some winter boots and additional rubber boots for rain.

Alternatively, a few pairs of sandals are always nice to have around.
But we can’t stress this enough – in colder months and areas, you need to keep your feet as dry as possible during the entirety of the trip; this is particularly important for younger kids whose health and immunity are more fragile.

And that’s a wrap! We hope that you have learned something new and valuable from our guide and that you feel more confident about going out to camp as a family. Most of all, make sure you stay safe. Have a good one, folks.

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