Eyelash Growth Serums vs. Eyelash Extensions


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So, you’re attempting to lengthen your lashes, correct? That’s how you found your way to this page. You may be debating between eyelash extensions and eyelash growth serums and aren’t sure which to choose. I’ve told you a list of benefits and drawbacks for both!

Eyelash extensions usually cost more than the best eyelash serum. They do, however, provide rapid extension, whereas eyelash growth serums take a few weeks to show results. Eyelash extensions can sometimes remove your lash extensions, and certain eyelash growth serums have significant side effects. How will you make your decision?


Eyelash extension comes in a variety of styles. There are semi-permanent eyelash extensions that last 3-6 weeks, as well as falsies that you can wear for one night only. We’re going to talk about semi-permanent eyelash extensions in this article.


What are the pros of getting lash extensions? This treatment is a quick and painless technique to lengthen your lashes, for starters. The treatment takes about 2 hours to complete, and the lashes are applied by a professional. You can nap/relax and wake up with long, luscious lashes! It would also be money wise to buy wholesale lashes online and store them properly.


There are a few disadvantages to using eyelash extensions. The first and foremost thing that comes to mind is the price! A full set of lash extensions can cost anywhere from $100 to $250, depending on the type of lash extensions you get (and the studio you go to). If you want to keep the look, you’ll probably need to get them filled in. Fills can cost anything from $60 to $120!

Another major disadvantage of eyelash extensions is that they can pull out your natural lashes with them. Because the lash extension is attached so tightly to each lash, it can cause your lashes to fall out more quickly than if they weren’t wearing extensions.

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Eyelash growth serums have been flying off the shelves and with good cause. Any serum you apply to your lashes to help them grow faster is an eyelash growth serum. They, like everything else, have advantages and disadvantages.


There are numerous advantages to using eyelash growth serums. The first advantage is that they are generally less expensive than eyelash extensions. The cost of an eyelash growth serum ranges from $25 to $75. On the other hand, prescription eyelash growth serums aren’t much cheaper than eyelash extensions, costing around $120 for a month’s supply.


There are a few drawbacks to using eyelash growth serums. You’ll need to use them every day to get the best benefits, for starters. It will take some weeks to get the same look as lash extensions. Also, remembering to do something every day can be difficult, but it shouldn’t be too difficult if you set the alarm on your phone!


To summarize, eyelash extensions are significantly more expensive and come with the danger of infection and irreversible hair loss, but they provide immediate results. Eyelash growth serums take longer to work, but they’re less expensive and help you grow out your natural lashes. If you are looking for best vaporizer then click on pax 3 vaporizer

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