Examples of Common Property Renovations


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When you own a business, staying current with your property helps you make the right impression on your clients. What it looks like on the outside sets the stage for the interior.

If your building looks old and out of date, both inside and out, a commercial property renovation will be a wise investment into your company. Here are some of the more common property renovations many businesses will have done for a new or modernized look.

Structural Renovations

Some of the things you can renovate are things you can’t see, but they’re still essential upgrades to make. Structural renovations fall into this category where enhancing the foundation or taking care of the roof make a huge difference in the lifespan and value of your commercial property.

External Improvements

Before anyone walks into your business, they will see the exterior. Property renovations to improve the way it looks before anyone walks in are crucial. You may want to upgrade your sign for clarity, repaint the building, resurface your parking area, or add landscaping. These external improvements will make your company feel more inviting upon first sight.

Entrance and Lobby

Every entrance to a building is its portal. You will want to consider lighting and windows, and how they optimize your lobby space. People that come to your company want to feel confident that they made the right choice. Using space wisely by making it functional will also enhance your property. This will make things more efficient for everyone while creating a look that welcomes everyone. 

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Flooring Renovations

Upgrading flooring adds value while enhancing the look of your business. Hard flooring options are best with high traffic, a much better option compared to carpeting that retains odors and is easily stained. While renovating your flooring throughout your business may seem like a big undertaking, the end result is that it’s easier to clean hard flooring, making it a better investment in the long run.

Shared Spaces and Bathrooms

Whether your commercial property is an office, warehouse, or store, the shared spaces and bathrooms are important for making your employees feel comfortable. Having clean and spacious kitchens, bathrooms, and other shared areas will translate to better sales and efficiency.

If you notice your employees have little room to move in the break room or that the bathrooms always have a line out the door, this common property renovation is one you should consider. Additionally, if your bathrooms are for customers, having them looking out of date and dark creates more of a dungeon vibe rather than one that makes them feel welcome.

Upgrade Your Energy

One of the most common property renovations for commercial properties is to rethink energy. Remodeling the way your cooling and lighting works to an energy efficient model puts you into contemporary times. It also saves you on your energy expenses and has the added bonus of enticing like-minded customers who will be happy to see you’re thinking about the environment.

Every commercial property is different and has its own unique set of needs. Speaking with an experienced property renovations company can help you figure out how to make these upgrades work for you.  

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