Essentials Steps in Building Your Dream She-Shed or Man Cave

With the pandemic forcing half of the world’s population indoors, it’s all the more reason to have space for her and for him, whether it’s to work from home, kick back and relax, or spend time in solitude.

A she-shed or man-cave serves a different purpose for every person, whether you’re into music, sports, yoga, movies, woodwork, art, plants, Gundam, gaming, or DIY projects. How do you build a space just for you? Here are some essentials you need to get started on:

Step 1: Location, location, location

As much as we all love a she-shed like Carrie Bradshaw’s entire apartment or a man cave like Tony’s Stark’s, we need to be practical in looking for space to call it our own. There are several options you can look for, such as a treehouse unused by the kids, a trailer in your backyard, or even a shed in your garden.

She-Shed or Man Cave2

Step 2- Insulation and cleaning

Once you have the perfect location, it’s now time to check the temperature, volume control, and cleaning. You have to insulate the room, so that it’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You want your space to stay dry and clean. It’s always a good idea to get a deep clean done to your man cave or she-shed before you start furnishing or decorating. provides deep cleaning services, so this saves you time and effort in trying to clean and disinfect your entire place.

You also need to ensure sound insulation. Soundproofing your space prevents sound from leaking to the outside, and it also prevents sounds from the outside from coming in.

Step 3: Powering up your space

A shed or cave needs the right power strip to ensure you have enough power for your lighting, heating, and entertainment system. It’s best to have an electrician take a look and recommend safe and proper power cables and power strips if you don’t know a lot about electrical wiring or power sources.

She-Shed or Man Cave1

Step 4: Entertainment and furniture

Your entertainment needs depend on the purpose of your shed or cave. A TV is always a good idea, together with some nice surround sound system. You can play games, watch series, or follow workout videos. Having nice ambient music playing while working also helps. Furnish your space based on what you plan to use it for. A comfortable couch, chairs, and a coffee table to prop your leg on, plus a work desk, are some of the essentials to get you started.

Step 5- Food and beverage

Finally, food and drinks are never a wrong idea. Stashing your space with nuts and chips, snacks, and drinks in a minibar takes an ordinary shed or cave to the next level. Now, you can entertain, chill, and just enjoy time with friends or on your own. Your space may be small, but there’s always room for a mini-fridge that can be stocked up with your beloved snacks. Go one step further with some fancy plates, glasses, and napkins if you can.

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