Essential Tips for Selecting the Modern Skirting Boards

When it comes to your interior decor, it’s the finer details that count. These finer details can either enhance or break a well thought decorative scheme. Hence, it is essential that you have a well thought out strategy for selecting the aspects which fit well in your interior decor surroundings.

One such place where you need to place a lot of thought and analysis is being able to select the best skirting board. Simply put, skirting provides a huge count of aesthetic and functional advantages. It is essential for you to have wood floors. It is because it can effectively hide the big gap that’s present in the wall perimeter.  There’s more advantage than you can think of. Skirting enables you to cover wet plaster finishes that aren’t even. That aside, it also helps to offer a barrier to make sure that the wall isn’t damaged or scuffed when you use the vacuum cleaner. So, there are many considerations to make when you are opting in for the modern skirting boards. Discussed below are three pointers that you can use:

1. The skirting profiles and styles

Over the years the concept of skirting has evolved. Today, it is way more than merely a practical prop. It can work in a way that it underpins the house’s character. And today, you have several materials and moldings available catering to the home decor. When you are substituting the present skirting boards, the obvious way to go about it is getting the exact similar product. You need to visit the hardware shop in your locality to check if there’s a close match. You might come across standard profiles.

The skirting profiles and styles

The local hardware store and other online stores might contain decorating skirting profiles, which can go very well will the period design styles. For instance, you can browse through the ovolo, ogee and torus styles as well. You can also check out the simple, clean and the modern designs that comprise of the bullnose, square-edge, chamfered and pencil round styles.

2. The softwood skirting

Softwood skirting helps in better movement and comes with a considerable number of advantages. For starters, you can varnish and stain it to give it a more natural look. And this a great benefit for homes which look slightly modern. You can even re-finish it or have it sanded down. And this will not require replacing as well. You can also get this skirting in a broad mix of unique profiles. It is a good match for your contemporary design on a new renovation project.

3. The hardwood skirting

If you prefer a modern and classy look, there’s nothing better than the hardwood skirting! The timber comes with a sun-kissed and honey tone which is perfect for lavish homes. And it’s the best match for staircases, floors, doors, and other high-end internal finish. The other alternative comprises of walnut, beech, and ash.

The hardwood skirting

Simply put, hardwood skirting can be made available on pre-stained and pre-oiled. It is durable and can resist the scuffs and knocks much better as compared to softwood. Hence, it’s considered to be a low maintenance choice as well. You can learn about each modern-day skirting option and select the one you want to.

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