Essential Equipment to Install in a Smart Home

In 2019, smart home systems and security gadgets are more impressive and all-inclusive than ever. Unlike before, using a smart home system has gone beyond just asking Alexa or Siri to play your favorite song. You can use intelligent gadgets to switch off lights in the living room as you watch TV or you can vacuum the floor. You can also disarm or arm your porch alarm systems even when you’re away.

Your home appliances offer a sense of convenience, especially when ordering pizza or calling your brother. But in 2019, smart devices can perform more pressing tasks such as serving as your home security system when you’re at work or vacation.

Before getting into the rundown of the best smart devices, let’s know the meaning of smart device and smart systems. A smart system is an all-encompassing command base that controls your products. They include Google Assistant and Alexa or Siri. Smart system is what you talk to when you need something done. On the other hand, a smart device is a personal product that responses to the system. This includes light bulbs and smart speakers.

Here are some of the essential equipment you need to install a smart home.

Smart Light Bulbs

Smart Light Bulbs

According to Forbes, investing in smart is the best way to enhance your home security. Smart lights are designed to reduce energy bills. The light bulbs are LEDs that consume less energy than traditional bulbs. Nevertheless, smart light bulbs can be controlled through a smartphone, and you can set when you want the lights to go off or on.

When shopping for the best bulb, go for the one that has more than two lamps and a bridge to connect them to the router. The bridge should connect up to 50 lights that can be dimmed. Additionally, they should be compatible with several smart home systems.

Smart Speakers

Instead of taking your smartphone to control your smart devices, a smart speaker allows you to command your home appliance to do something. Additionally, a smart speaker will perform other important tasks such as reading your recipes, ordering pizza, tell news and advice on the weather.
Get a high-quality smart speaker that produces clear and enough sound that is audible in the entire living room.

Smart Plugs

A smart plug is one of the cheapest and efficient means to transform your appliance to smart devices. For instance, you can connect the porch alarm systems to a smart plug and then switch to a wall, and then you will have a chance to control the system from your smartphone. You can as well set schedules for the smart switches to switch off or on and connect them to other smart gadgets.

Security Cameras

Security cameras allow you to keep a watch on your home and know who is coming and leaving, right from your smartphone, PC, tablet. As illustrated by, there are numerous benefits of installing security cameras in your home. Note that high-quality cameras come with night vision and can be connected with other smart gadgets. That’s to so that the camera will begin recording once you leave home and stop when you get back.

Smart Locks

Smart Locks
Apart from allowing you to lock and unlock your doors via mobile phone, smart locks will allow you to offer temporarily entrance grant to visitors and know who’s at your door. Integrate the smart lock with other smart devices. So, you will have your lights switched on automatically when unlocking your door once you get back from work.
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Smart Home Hubs

A smart hub offers a uniform platform that lets you control various smart home gadget that wouldn’t communicate with each other. Smart home bubs allow you to automate a bunch of processes.

For instance, you can switch your lights on, change the temperature using the thermostat, and turn on the music, lower the window blinds, all when you unlock your door. Nevertheless, it is vital to bear in mind that your mobile phone can perform many tasks a dedicated hub can perform.

Smart Thermostats

One of the noticeable benefits of a linked thermostat is that it will allow you to set the temperature in your home via a smartphone remotely. Nevertheless, when connected to other smart devices like movement detectors, it will save you cash in the long run as it reduces your cooling and heating expenses. This is because you won’t be utilizing any energy when you’re away.

Video Doorbells

Video Doorbells
Video doorbells allow you to know who is at your front door as it sends live feeds to your mobile phone. It also acts as an intercom, which is useful for those homeowners with problems of getting to the door fast.


Have you been planning to build a smart home? The good news is that there numerous ways to begin. All these equipment outlined here can be integrated with porch alarm systems to improve your home security and make sure your family is safe.

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