Enrich Your Recreational Experience with Outdoor Spa by Aquatica


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Considering long-term investments in your country house, customers point to the priority of an outdoor spa. Aquatica possesses a unique experience in installing and manufacturing outdoor and indoor bathtubs. It will help design a recreational place for the whole family and your guests in an exquisite style. Made in an original and highly aesthetic style, they will amaze anyone’s imagination, creating fertile ground for healing the body and enriching the emotional experience.

Choosing and Installing an Outdoor Hot Tub Is a Creative Process

Aquatica offers a line of stylish, reliable whirlpool bathtubs equipped with the most advanced technological solutions. However, the consumer is offered ample opportunities to determine what his future hot tub will be like. You can order a unique whirlpool bathtub in accordance with the following indicators:

  • the number of people for whom it should be designed
  • available space for installation in your yard
  • production material
  • parameters and number of hydromassage devices
  • ground or built-in type of installation
  • availability of chromotherapy system for a light show

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Purpose of Outdoor Hot Tubs

Whirlpool bathtubs can be used for medical, recreational, and entertaining purposes:

  • Medical: Taking hot tubs at home will replace visiting massage parlors, which are advised by doctors in a variety of cases, from insomnia and headaches to arthritis and back pain
  • Recreational: taking whirlpool baths relieves fatigue after a hard day or work week, relaxes before going to bed and recharges with new forces
  • Entertaining: your perception of the world will become more saturated due to the activation of skin receptors that are not intensively functioning in ordinary life. New sensations will give your body and soul subtle experiences that are not achievable in any other way

By investing in an outdoor bathtub, you choose health and new sensations. And for you to get a real improvement in both, Aquatica gives you a 10 limited and a 25-year structural warranty on its products.

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