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Motorized retractable outdoor screens

Enjoying outdoor living spaces in North America can sometimes be challenging. Irritating insects and the sun’s rays keep many individuals from spending time on their decks and in their backyards.

But there are options with outdoor retractable screens that keep out the bugs and block the sun. Not only do these retractable products make it more comfortable to spend time outside, but they’re also super cool.

Motorized retractable screens give you the flexibility of having your patio screened in when you want it. Then, with the click of your remote, they can be rolled away until they are needed once again. The screen mesh comes in a variety of colour and ventilation options, so you can have a maximum cross breeze or up to 100 percent blockage for shade and privacy.

Both practical and beautiful, retractable screens are available in hundreds of colours and provide shade on demand. retractable screens provide much needed protection from the sun, and they make a big difference when you want to be outside with family and friends.

Motorized retractable screens can completely close in your outdoor area.

They can help provide temperature control without obstructing your views.

To add another layer of security to your home, they can be installed on patios, gazebos and outdoor kitchens to protect you from the elements and locked up tight when not in use.

Essential features to look for when choosing a retractable screen

Motorized retractable screen outdoor can be integrated into your home automation system. Some can even be controlled with an app on your smartphone. While these products provide the ultimate in form, function and convenience, they also add that wow factor to your outdoor spaces. When it comes to windows, retractable screens fit nearly all types including casement, awning, single & double-hung, sliding and tilt & turn windows. Depending on the window, our screens can be installed on either the interior or exterior of the frame. Recessed installation options are also available.

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Things to look for when shopping for retractable screens  

There are various retractable screens available in the market. Because of this, looking for the right product requires time and effort. Hence, if you’re looking for the perfect cover for your outdoor space, below are some things to consider to make a good choice: 

  • Sizes: Retractable screens can be used in structures with standard door opening sizes. But there are also some companies that offer customized screens that suit your outdoor space’s needs. All you need to do is provide your specific requirements, and they’ll customize the screens for you.  
  • Cost: Large and customized retractable screens can be expensive, while the smaller and standard ones can be less costly. Before you shop for one for your outdoor space, check your provider’s prices and compare it with other estimates to know if it’s a worthwhile investment for your home.  
  • DIY-Friendliness: Most standard retractable screens can be installed using a DIY approach. All you have to do is install the screen casing and metal tacks, and the job is done. Just make sure to use the proper tools to complete the installation properly and safely.  

These are some factors you should watch out for when looking for retractable screens. Remember these to help you find the appropriate cover for your patio, garage, carport, or other outdoor spaces.

Cozy patio area with garden furniture, swimming pool and outdoor fireplace

Searching for options

In addition, retractable screens are a cost effective solution to adding extra space to your home. Simply install them around a patio or porch and you have a new private and shaded area ready to be enjoyed with family and friends.

Many people opt to stay in during the summer instead of enjoying spending time outside because they don’t want to be disturbed by bugs or insects.

You can install them on both your front and back door to allow for a refreshing cross-breeze when both doors are open, which helps bring in a continuous supply of fresh air into your home and allows it to move freely throughout, keeping it comfortable. It’s like having a natural fan without running any electricity.

Bravo Screens offers retractable screen doors so you can enjoy the fresh air while saving money and keeping your home bug-free. Each of our screen doors comes with a metal housing unit that blends seamlessly with your door frame, so you can slide the door into the unit and out of sight when not in use. Our screens can be mounted on single, double, French, and sliding glass doors and are available in a variety of colour options.

Customized coloring

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Not only are they versatile in color and function, they are also allowed by most condos and HOAs.

Our retractable screens are built with the sturdiest mesh to ensure long-lasting quality. Our products are also backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

Motorized or manual operating systems – For the ease of opening and closing the screens, consider using motorized options. Install the motorized options on large openings, folding doors, porches, patios, and garages.

Moreover, motorized retractable screen doors can also be used on aluminum carports, which are lightweight structures designed to protect your car and other vehicles from natural elements like rain, wind, snow, and dirt and debris. So, if you want to cover your aluminum carport for full protection, then using retractable screen may be an excellent option.

Moreover, retractable screens have become a popular covering for outdoor spaces nowadays because of their ease of use. For instance, motorized options use remotes for opening and closing the garage screen doors.  There is an in-built clutch system or hydraulic damper. The in-built clutch system of hydraulic damper could cause the screen to slow down, as it reaches the window and door frame. Therefore, it would not slam shut creating a huge noise.

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Designed for safety we have a special design feature on most screens that enables the mesh to expand on impact. It ensures that when pets or children run into the screen, the screen expands to prevent injury and safeguards the screen from damages.

It’s time to start enjoying the fresh breeze. Contact us at (250) 386-1626 to learn more about our retractable screen doors and schedule a free demo.

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