5 Wood Home Decoration Ideas to Redefine Your Place


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In our world of plastic and semiconductors, adding something natural to your home changes the whole experience. It becomes much warmer and cozier, making your place truly your home. A wooden world map, some rough chairs, shelves… Whatever wooden you want to add, it will work fine in your interior.

Rough Wooden Chairs

Tired of plastic or varnished plywood? Then a set of rough wooden chairs will make your room distinct. Sturdy yet lightweight, they are something unusual in the XXI century, and yet they fit both the old-school and the modern fashion perfectly.

And yes, these chairs are quite comfortable to sit on if made properly. We highlight that natural wooden chairs should be rough, made of thick pieces. This will make them both durable and great-looking. Get as many of them as you need; make one of your rooms look like a vintage café. Imagine sitting on these with your significant other, drinking wine, listening to some old music from a vinyl record, in the light of a filament lamp or even some candles… These chairs may well become the defining element of your home! Whether you’re looking to incorporate a vintage or modern look, you can’t beat the elegance and durability of shopping Amish furniture.

Ceiling Beams

These can be mostly decorative, laid under the suspended ceiling. Still, they look like the roof of your home rests on them. Rough and tough, they remind of the time before concrete. Fix them right to your walls, and your ceiling will attract delighted looks from any guest — and from yourself as well. 

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Not only do they look old but not obsolete. They greatly combine with hanging filament lamps, flower or microgreen baskets, birdcages, and anything you can hang down on ropes or wires. If you are a creative type of person, you can invent more ways to use these beams. They also make fantastic combinations with other wooden decorations or furniture.

A Wooden Map

Having a world map on your wall is a great idea showing your concern about the planet. If you care about some part of the world more, there are maps of certain countries and regions. It’s easy to fix on the wall, so it looks like the wall itself is the background. Wooden maps come in different colors, so you can select one that looks on your wall the most impressive.

There is only one downside to this sort of map. If suddenly, say, an African king decides to rename his kingdom (like it happened to Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland), or a European country splits into two or more parts, like former Yugoslavia or Czechoslovakia, it renders your map obsolete in a moment. On the other hand, you can then call it vintage and enjoy it even more as a reminder of the good old days.

A Wooden Wall

Or at least, a fragment of it. Traditional wallpapers are already out of fashion, while textured or minimalist designs are also dull when covering the entire perimeter. Why not cover a part of your wall with wooden boards and put your desk or coffee table near it? It will completely change the experience. You won’t even have to leave your room to find a place that feels different.

This wall well combines with everything we mentioned when speaking of ceiling beams:

  • Filament lamps
  • Flowers
  • Wooden chairs (a different section, but never mind)
  • Birdcages
  • Bookshelves

The only thing that won’t look great on this wall is a wooden world map. But there are other walls for it.

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Ladder-Shaped Shelves

What looks like a sturdy wooden step ladder isn’t necessarily one. Its steps are unusually wide, and, in fact, they are shelves. What can you put on these? Anything you want. Flowers, books, gadgets, clothes – whatever. The ladder can have some hooks on its sides which make it even more functional.

The problem is it may take too much space. In addition, its upper steps will be hard to reach. But you can decide what to put there — something you rarely need to touch but always like to see. Such an element adds air and transparency to your space. 

Your fantasy can invent anything wooden that can be made. Natural is always fashionable. And using natural wood (strange as it sounds) means consuming much less wood than with synthetic materials. 

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