6 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Pool Clean And Free Of Algae


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For people who love swimming and floating in the water under the sun, there is no greater way than installing a separate pool in their house. If you can’t maintain its cost then you can even visit a farmhouse to enjoy your sunny day inside the pools. However, if you have finally installed a pool then pool cleaning and algae prevention must be a priority for you so as to prevent yourselves and your family from getting sick.

Causes of Development of Algae in Pools

Algae are a kind of micro-organism that thrive in filthy conditions and cause harmful effects once they find their way inside a human body.

Dirty Wind

To help prevent the propagation of algae in pools we must filter the water regularly and make sure the pool remains spotless. Since dirty wind contains a variety of impurities, it can easily pollute your pool.


Although rain isn’t as harmful as the other factors for your pool, it can dilute the balanced chemistry in the water. The disruption of pH levels due to the chemical composition of rainwater triggers the growth of algae and other types of contaminants.

Swimmers’ Waste

Swimmers’ waste, such as body oil and make-up is a great source of fertilizers for algae to grow. They can help algae to nourish and nurture themselves to maximize their strength and population.

Tips and Tools to Keep Your Pool Clean and Free of Algae


  • Collect Trash with the Help of Skimmer Nets

Along with brushing and mopping, perform regular vacuuming to collect trash that might contain algae on their surfaces. Use skimmer nets to accumulate possible debris to make your pool algae-free.

  • Limit Phosphates

Just as any other living organism, Algae need proper nutrition to grow and survive. Phosphate acts as a food and fertilizer for algae that can make their way into your pool through leaves, swimmers’ waste, dirt, and debris. Limiting the number of phosphates can help you prevent the growth of algae in pools.

  • Seek Help

Pool maintenance can be problematic if we are unaware of the methods and techniques that keep a pool clean and protected against algae. Browse through the internet to learn more about this topic. There are numerous pool maintenance options and alternatives you can go for that equally guarantees desired effects. But, if you lack sufficient time to do the cleaning yourself you can even seek professionals who are dedicated, skilled, and well equipped to provide you with pool cleaning services at your doorsteps. They also make sure that your water level is healthy and that the chemical components maintain balanced proportions.

  • Shock Your Pool Regularly

Sanitizers can sometimes disappoint if they are unable to provide 100% protection against algae. However, shocking a pool can find and kill the bacterias that might have been missed by sanitizers. After you are done shocking, do not forget to refill your pool to adjust the pH levels of chlorine.

  • Use Algaecide

An algae cleaner and killer that guarantees maximum protection against their spread and growth is an important piece of equipment every pool owner must possess.

  • Use Sanitizers

Before algae grow into blooms we must kill them right away by using sanitizers such as chlorine, Cyanuric Acid, and other chemicals that might help eliminate them properly.

Understanding the Habits That Will Ease Our Responsibilities

Cover the Pool

Cover your pools with nets to minimize the chance of debris and trash entering and infecting a pool. You can use normal tents or may even use camping tents to cover the water and prevent exposure to trash and bacteria.

Do Regular Cleaning

Organize and dedicate regular cleaning activities that will help you to get rid of germs and trash right away.

Have a Watchful Eye

A proper schedule that is aimed at cleaning and protecting the pool can help eliminate possible algae that may survive and grow in numbers if they are left untreated. But if you keep a watchful eye and dedicate proper time to cleaning and sanitizing your pools then you can maintain an algae-free pool effortlessly.

Maintain Circulation System

Good water circulation helps maintain the pH levels of both the water and the chemicals for a safe and healthy swimming experience.

Personal Hygiene

Do not confuse your pool with your bathtubs. A pool must be used for swimming activities only. Take care of your hygiene before entering a pool to maintain its cleanliness.

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Even if you have taken all necessary measures against making your pool algae-free and clean, there are still chances that it can become contaminated. There are numerous ways an algae spore can penetrate inside a pool, such as rain, dirt, or wind, increasing the chances of swimmers getting infected more easily. And if they are left unsanitized, they can quickly propagate making it more difficult to get rid of them.

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