Enhance the Look of your Kitchen with these Tips and Tricks

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a home, keeping it clean and hygienic is of utmost necessity. Having a pleasant looking kitchen adds beauty and value to the entire home. However, when it comes to redecoration, kitchen often turns out to be the neglected area of the house.

With some simple ideas in place, the kitchen can be changed into a beautiful space. Below are 8 tips and tricks to enhance the look of your kitchen:

1. Use Good Lighting

kitchen Lighting decor

A kitchen should be a well-lit space. If the lightings are dim or not working, it is good to change them immediately. One can use overhead light fixtures or can add beautiful task lights to bring a change to the entire kitchen’s look. Using light dimmers good choice as it gives freedom to decide the light intensity as per your need and requirements.

2. Change the Hardware

kitchen Hardware decor
Changing the drawer knobs or the switchboard to the latest design is a good idea. As old ones might have lost color or gotten rusty over time, changing them to the latest design available will enhance the look of your kitchen.

3. Kitchen Flooring

kitchen Flooring decor
Over a period of time, the kitchen floor tends to become dull and starts losing its luster. With some basic investment, one can get ceramic tiles fixed or use beautiful wooden floors, or get them laminated, depending on the budget and design of the space. Adding a rug in the space will add to the look of the kitchen and make it look attractive. A clean kitchen floor is also good for hygienic living.

4. Changing the Faucet

kitchen Faucet decor
Another extensively used item in a kitchen is the faucet, where all the dishes are cleaned. Due to constant, these metallic faucets may suffer corrosion while coming in contact with water, thus making space look shabby. When this happens, it is advisable to change the entire faucet not only to enhance the look but maintain cleanliness in the kitchen. With so many designs available, one can easily choose to keep up with their budget.

5. Add Shelves to the Cabinet

Shelves to the Cabinet
Sometimes, there is a lot of empty space between two shelves of a cabinet, which is not covered by utensils or canisters. Adding wired and vinyl coated shelf between the cabinet shelves, provides additional and easy storage for plates, saucers and other compact utensils. This will give more space to keep things inside the cabinet, and hence de-clutter the kitchen table-top.

6. Adhesive Wall Backing

kitchen Adhesive Wall Backing
There is a huge variety of adhesive wallpapers available that can be used to put inside cabinet walls. These beautiful wallpapers are easy to use and can be removed when required. Using these wallpapers, the cabinet space looks vibrant and colorful.

7. Paint the Cabinet

kitchen Cabinet Decor
Adding colors to your kitchen is one of the best and easiest ways to add life to it. If painting the entire kitchen is less of a possibility, try painting the cabinets in the kitchen. Experiment a bit with colors, using contrast shades or doing block printing only on the cabinets. It is easy, affordable and simple with an immense change that it brings along.

8. Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden
Growing plants in the kitchen is a great idea to beautify your kitchen space. You can grow leafy plants like coriander, basil, mint or fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, brinjals, chilies, the list is endless. A kitchen garden gives you the comfort of growing the same so that fresh fruits and vegetables can be used while cooking. Colourful pots of various sizes are available in the market, just hang a rack near the kitchen window and put the potted plants. Cooking to the sight of these pretty pots will surely be a delight.

Making your kitchen a better and livelier place is essential because one tends to spend a good amount of time while cooking or dining there. A kitchen is one of the most vital spaces of your apartment, a lot can be done in it in terms of beautification. Experiment and explore the best options available and let your creativity flow, this will surely make your abode stand out and make it look like a luxury apartment.

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