Engineered Timber Flooring Melbourne and The Tips On How to Increase Your Overall Property Value

It’s essential to carefully choose what type of flooring you’ll be using in your house. The floor surfaces are usually affected in most activities in the home—from footsteps and liquid spills. Investing in durable flooring will make it withstand the wear and tear of your house, and it can even increase the value of your home.

What is engineered timber?

With the help of innovation and technology, engineered timber is improved to withstand the pressure and wear and tear of your house interior. This type of wood is made from several layers of wood joined together. It has been a personal favorite of many architects and interior designers when they are doing floor planning because of its classic appeal in every home.

What are the interesting features of engineered timber?


Engineered timber is highly durable, so it’s guaranteed that it will last long. Timber has been widely used for flooring interiors. What makes engineered timber better than the traditional one is its layered characteristic. This structure makes the entire floor panel stronger.


Aside from its durability, engineered timber flooring Melbourne can also make your interiors aesthetically pleasing. The appeal of this flooring is very versatile and can be used in various interior designs. There are several shades of floor panels you can choose from, whether you prefer a darker or lighter shade.


Compared to tiles, linoleum, and carpets, engineered timber is an eco-friendly option if you want your house to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. It’s made of wood, so you don’t have to worry that it will pollute landfills in the future.

If you have plans of selling your home, investing in the flooring is a good decision to make your property more valuable. Updating your current flooring to engineered timber will make your house more appealing and investable.

Here are other tips on how to increase the overall value of your home:

1.Keep it well maintained

Keep it well maintained

Your home property should be kept in good condition at all times to increase the monetary value of your house. The best approach is always to conduct preventive maintenance in areas of your home. Here are some items that should always be in your maintenance checklist:

  • Plumbing (if there are leaks or rusty pipes for replacement)
  • Sewage system
  • Roof and gutter, or drainage system
  • Attics, ceiling repairs

Also, if you already decided to put up your house for sale, you have to make sure that all maintenance and replacements are done before the home buyer proceeds with the inspection. This way, they won’t be seeing problems that might negatively affect the value of your home.

2.Invest in a beautiful landscape

Maintaining your lawn or backyard can increase the property value of your house. Moreover, a well-maintained landscape can even increase your home’s market price. So make sure to devote some time and effort pruning and mowing your lawn.

3.Update your kitchen

Update your kitchen
Most home buyers are meticulous when it comes to the kitchen. So if you want your property to be competitive in the market the moment you decided to sell it, invest in making your kitchen spacious and appealing. Transform wooden shelves and cabinets into counter tops with drawers.

4.Make your home smarter

Nowadays, houses that have smart technology make a lot more money compared to those who have it. If you want to make a good deal out of your house, you can install smart technology equipment for your home. Not only it will make your property more valuable, but it can provide you more accessibility and even tighter security.

5.Make it energy efficient

Make it energy efficient
Homes with energy features such as solar panels tend to have a higher market value. Installation of solar panels and switching to electricity-efficient appliances and lights will not only result in a lower electricity bill but also attractive to home buyers that are looking for more efficient homes.

6.Create space

Another sure-fire way of increasing your property’s value is to add space in your home. Whether it’s a small expansion in the kitchen or a veranda, it’s a sure way of getting more money from your home investment. Here are other ideas on how you can create space on your home:

  • Construction of additional room
  • Transforming your basement or attic
  • Building a small deck on the upper floor of your home

Final Thoughts

Choosing engineered timber for your house flooring will give you more benefits since it’s durable, environment-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, it can also increase the value of your home property. Other ways of increasing your property value are keeping it well maintained, investing in energy efficiency and smart technology upgrades, and creating more space.

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