Why Does My Garage Door Not Close?

The garage is a residential roof structured, walled for storing a vehicle. Either this is attached to our house or a separate place to park cars when not in use. Even there is the provision of taking garage on rent. You can keep one, two or maximum of three vehicles in a residential garage unless you are a multi-millionaire and own approx 20 cars.

People install heavy wooden or metal doors where they use a pulley or install a sensor to open the door. And sometimes there can be a problem to open the door. A blocked path between sensors is the possible reason for a blocked doorway, the motor head can go wrong, or sensors have gone bad or stopped working suddenly and many more. Then, however, you try to open it with the remote, and it won’t work to close the door.

The easiest way is to unplug the garage door opener and replug the same. There will be times when you will be able to solve this problem by yourself. So, we will suggest taking the help of garage door experts when there is an issue with the garage door. At least consulting them will make you understand whether you would be able to tackle the problem by yourself or will need professional help.

To solve your garage issue here are the reasons why your garage doors do not close:
The remote batteries are dead

1.The remote batteries are dead: This can be one of the reasons for the closed door. If the battery in your transmitter is gone, then it may stop working. Therefore, the garage door won’t receive a signal to open. Therefore, check the garage door transmitter whether the battery is working or not. If it’s not working, try replacing it and this should work fine after replacement.

2.The track is unaligned: This can be a significant issue if the metal tracks your door runs on needs to be aligned. To move your door again, please do check the gaps between the rolls and rails or if there is a bend on the track, then there is a problem. You will hear a noise when the door crosses the metal where it’s touching. This can move slow. If you find your door is not moving at all, then please do not try to work on it by yourself. Get an expert; they have the knowledge and essential tool to get this issue solved.
ue to an obstacle present at your door’s path
3.Due to an obstacle present at your door’s path: Your entries can be blocked due to garbage cans, toys and unwanted things on the way. Even the buildup of debris on the rail track can be a reason for the blockage. Try maintaining your garage door before this kind of stuff pile on and stop you from closing the door and create a hassle.

4.Broken Torsion Springs: When you have checked the transmitter batteries, and they are working fine. Even there is no piling up of garbage on the rail track or no misalignment of tracks then the main reason can be the broken spring. If you are at home and the spring breaks down, you will hear a loud sound like a bursting firecracker. Due to which the spring is unable to bear the heavy weight of the door and causing it to stay open. Therefore, the best idea is to get an expert home and let him check with the issue.
Enabling the disconnect switch
5.Enabling the disconnect switch: All the garage doors come with a disconnect switch which helps the door to open and close manually without switch when there’s no power at your house. Please check the disconnect switch whether it is enabled or disabled. If the switch is enabled, please disable it and let it work freely.

Do not use the door when you are facing such issues or do not try to work on it by yourself. It can harm you or make substantial damage to you, vehicle, other property or garage.

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