Easy & Trendy Kitchen Decor Ideas In 2020

Thinking about changing the look of your kitchen? There is no need to go knocking down the walls instead you can easily start small. There are multiple trendy kitchen decor ideas that will update your kitchen’s look without going overboard.

Simple touches to knobs or lights can bring about a huge difference combined with other small scale decorations. In this article, we will look at some of the great ideas that can transform your kitchen’s look.

The first thing that is visible to the eye upon walking into any kitchen is the surrounding aura. Working on that will not only complete your kitchen’s look but you won’t have to change much anymore. You can opt for pattern pile-on that involves piling of different printed articles like rug and wallpapers.


Another great way to give your kitchen an aesthetic and clean look is by stashing goods in baskets and jars. Choose the basket that gives a vintage look and your kitchen will give off a nice and simple aura. Other big appliances can be stored in a sliding cabinet that will also add to the cool look of the kitchen. Hence, you are achieving two things, organization, and decoration.

Deep colors like black or almost black colors are a nice way to give your kitchen a posh look. Deep blues or maroons can transform your kitchen space drastically.

If you are aiming at two things, kitchen transformation, and durability, then lacquer cabinets are the best way to achieve that. Lacquer is a sleek and highly durable material that can be found in many bold colors. Such cabinets will completely transform your kitchen into a perfect contemporary look.

If you want to stay low key with the decoration then lighting is the best option. Choose bright colors and stylish pendants and hang them strategically in a place where they could be seen prominently.

If you want to give your kitchen a cozy and whimsical look, add stools of bright colors and chalkboard. Place the stools by the counter while chalkboard on any wall. The board can be used for notes. This way, you again achieve two purposes from one idea.


A backsplash is used for protecting the wall behind the cooker or sink from splashes. But did you know they also do wonders in making your kitchen look good? If the backsplashes are covered with tiles of playful or cool patterns, then the entire look of kitchen uplifts.

Keep the surrounding airy and bright by installing white cabinetry and tiles. You can also take an eclectic approach and include both traditional and modern elements into the designing formula.

You can also paint the ceiling to quickly achieve an effective and affordable transformation. wall art decor for your kitchen can also be a great way of giving your kitchen a classy look. You can add cute looking kitchen wall hangings, your art collection, plant pot, etc.

According to a survey, 29% of Americans spend at least $500 on kitchen decor; if you are spending this much money, then you may ass well do it right by following the above mentioned ideas.

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