Easy Tips To Make A Room Look Bigger

In the last several years, consumers are looking to downsize. With the
advent of small homes being built, people are moving into small size apartments
and small one-family homes. It is generally assumed that the boomers are doing
the most downsizing because their children have left home. But this is not
totally true. Millennials are the main consumer groups that are investing in tiny homes.

Living comfortably and happily in small places involves tips like using
multifunctional furnishing, using the right lighting, painting with a sense of
dimension, using color, and other fun tricks, such as
a mirrored barn door.

You can still express your personal style while also using clever design
concepts to give an appearance of more space while also keeping the rooms
welcoming. No matter what your living preference is, you can use clever tips to
make your rooms look bigger.

1. Paint


A simple tip to make a room look larger is by using paint. Using the right
paint coloring will brighten up a room and it will
even make the walls look wider. Home decorators take note that white walls will
help to make a room look and feel bigger. Other color
finishes like eggshell, light taupe, satin, or light grey also vastly reflect
light, thus giving an appearance of more room space. To highlight the room
further, use accessory colors like soft hues of blues
and green.

2. Lighting

Architects have long known that the right lighting in a room opens up the
space making it look bigger. Lighting plays a key role in transforming
a room
into something comfortable, peaceful, and memorable.

You can open up a room with the type of lamps that you choose. Also, use the
natural light coming from your windows to make a room seem brighter. The best
lighting plans include track lighting and recessed lighting. Torchiere lighting
allows light to bounce off the ceiling and highlight the whole room. Further,
task lamps and side table lamps also make a room feel comfortable and enlarged.

3. Materials Like Glass


When you use a material like clear glass or Lucite glass as part of your
furnishing, you would be surprised at how it makes a room appear more open.
Yes, your room is the same size, but glass accessories change the whole room
dynamic. Use wall decorations like mirrors and see how it enhances your room.
Furnish your room with tabletops with glass and see the change. To make this
tip even more effective, place wall mirrors near a lamp or ceiling lighting to
open up the room.

4. Go Bigger

It sounds counterintuitive, but placing a couple of large pieces of
furnishings in a room makes a small space look larger. For example, colorful sofas and light-textured armchairs that features
raised legs presents a room with better lighting and space. Raised leg
furnishings help to allow more light and air to circulate in and around the
room and give an appearance of more open space.

5. No Rugs Please

Carpeting or multiple rugs can make a room look smaller or larger. However,
to make a small space look more spacious, use one large area rug that is light
and non-textured in coloring. Arrange the rug in the
middle of a room. In this way, the rug doesn’t make the room look cluttered or
crowded. On the other hand, your room will also open up without any rugs at
all, especially if your flooring is hardwood.

6. Built-In Designs

Built-In Designs

Built-in concepts in any room of your home goes a long way in making small
rooms look bigger. Built-in bookcase plans, shelving schemes, built-in alcoves
under window cabinets, or storage furniture like ottomans, plus other storage
options, leave more floor space that gives you the illusion of more open

You can install inward shelving designs in a room or you can place wall
units in a vertical pattern on a wall to create more storage space. There
aren’t any rules about how many wall shelving designs you should create. Place
them higher to create a sense of volume within a room.

7. Less is More

Don’t cram all your favorite furniture in a small
room. You must train yourself to get rid of a lot of clutter. Minimize your
room content by limiting the amount of furniture you use. Don’t place too many
prices of furniture in a small room. For instance, use a love seat rather than
a large-size sofa and add decorative small chairs. Also, arrange them away from
the walls for an illusion of more space in a room.



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