Dried Flowers in Your Interior, The Interior Trend of 2021


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A really new trend in 2021 is to decorate dried flowers in your interior. To be honest, as an interior stylist I sometimes have to get used to when something new appears on the market. At first I actually thought it had a bit of a musty image. At the beginning of this year I suddenly saw all kinds of dried flowers pass by. In the course of 2020, however, people became more and more creative with dried flowers. And I must say, if it is well combined with beautiful materials and colors, I can appreciate it now.

Fresh flowers versus dried flowers.

To be honest, I still love fresh flowers, especially the picking bouquets that pop in color. So the fresh flowers can certainly be found in my living room. But especially at this time of year, the dried flowers can now also be found in my interior. Because dried flowers are also available in many colors. Although the intensity of the colors may not be compared to a freshly picked bouquet, I can certainly appreciate the soft colors of dried flowers.

The advantage is, of course, that the shelf life is very long and fresh flowers show off beautifully for a maximum of 1.5 weeks and then have to be replaced. So secretly, dried flowers are also a lot friendlier for your wallet. A disadvantage I think is that it can be “dust bunnies”, because real dusting is difficult.

A new trend are the letterbox gifts of Bloompost. While working at home you can still send family or friends dried flowers.The perfect letterbox bouquet as a gift.. A mix of the most beautiful flowers of this season. Ideal to surprise someone with a birthday or another festive moment. Who do you deliver a sweet moment to by sending flowers online? Sending flowers has never been so much fun!

Letterbox flowers are cheap and Bloompost delivers in the UK!

Dried flowers in your interior1

How can you integrate dried flowers into your interior?

Of course you can put the dried flowers in a vase, but there is so much more. For example, they don’t need water ;-). This way you can frame them nicely, put them under a glass bell jar or in a small glass tube with cork.

But I also see nice wreaths or glass candlesticks with dried flowers. Because they don’t need light or water, you can style the dull dark corners with dried flowers. Consider, for example, the toilet or bathroom. Dried flowers actually do well everywhere.

How to style dried flowers in your interior

Dried flowers are available in different varieties. Not only can you play with color, but also with different sizes. Which fits best in your interior depends on your style.

Modern interior: Think of large, long flowers and grasses. Choose the colors that best suit your interior. Pampas grasses, poppies, lagurus and leucospermum are the ideal choice in a modern interior. Place them in a large (glass) vase and place them prominently next to your sofa or by the window.

Rural and brocante interior: This interior style just screams for dried flowers. Not only in a vase, but also as an inverted bouquet on your wall, loose branches as decoration on side tables or as a wreath on your wall. Work with light, natural-colored grasses and beautiful pastel-colored flowers.

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