Does The CBD Oil Have Side Effects?

The CBD oil has always had so many benefits to people. There is always a part which the CBD oil can fix in any health problem that you are facing. However, everything which has exemplary benefits does not miss to have some limitations in most cases. The CBD’s side effects are not that many as compared to those of some of the common prescription or over-the-counter drugs. We will discuss some of the side effects of the CBD oil in this article. You may be enjoying taking the CBD oil in forms like CBD edibles because of its benefits but you don’t know they have some side effects too.

What Are The Side Effects Of CBD Oil?

What Are The Side Effects Of CBD Oil

There are a lot of studies which have proven that CBD is more safe when compared to some of the popular OTC as well as the prescription drugs and it only has side effects that are mild. Below are some of the side effects of CBD:

  • Dry mouth – This is a CBD oil side effect that is very common. Actually, it is a side effect of all the cannabis products, either extracted from marijuana or hemp. This is due to the fact that the cannabinoids in cannabis plants slows down the production of saliva. However, you may deal with this situation by taking fluids in plenty before, in the process of, and after taking the CBD oil. It will also ensure prevention of any dehydration.
  • Low blood pressure – Large CBD oil doses may cause a drop in your blood pressure. It may be a problem to those people who are taking high blood pressure medication as it may lead to the blood pressure dropping very low. It may also be a problem to those who are diagnosed with the problem of low pressure. People who have this side effect feel very uncomfortable because of the feeling of some lightheadedness.
  • Dizziness – CBD always affects people in different ways. Different factors like unique biochemistry, gender, CBD dosage and lifestyle may be considered. When taken in lower dosages, CBD boosts focus and uplifts our mood. On the other hand, taking higher dosages may lead to drowsiness.
  • Diarrhea – The reaction is always caused by other ingredients which are in the CBD oil. CBD has gastroprotective qualities that are very strong. If the cannabinoid stimulates indirectly the ECS in digestive tract, it will reduce the gastric acid levels and boost the blood flow in the stomach lining to fasten regeneration processes. It is good to know that CBD is always kept in the carrier oil, mostly in the MCT oil. MCT oil may really irritate your stomach lining and therefore cause diarrhea if taken in larger amounts.
  • The liver has cytochrome P-450 system which always takes the role of metabolizing drugs. CBD may hinder the ability of the system to process some drugs and this can cause higher levels of the substances in the body in a short time. This can lead to an overdose of the drugs.
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