Does CBD Oil Get You High? Everything You Need to Know

People ask this question all the time, “Does CBD oil get you high?” Before we give you the answer, let’s first explain what CBD is. CBD, derived from Hemp, is a compound that comes from cannabis plants. This compound acts as a therapeutic agent in the endocannabinoid system.

Here, this agent tries to make your body get into a homeostasis state. Homeostasis is the process by which the body attempts to seek as well as maintain equilibrium in the internal environment regardless of the forces outside.

That explains why CBD is good in relieving pain, preventing insomnia, and tiredness, among others, while THC is making you feel high.

CBD Versus THC

Both THC and CBD are extracted from Cannabis. Nonetheless, though they have an influence on CB1 (cannabinoid type 1) receptors, their impacts on users differ. That is; THC activates the CB1 receptors; thus, making the user feel high. As a result of being high, the users become excited or confused. Still, they become more sensitive to what is happening to them and the surrounding. Nonetheless, the impacts of THC vary with individuals.

In contrast, CBD blocks any toxic impacts that may be as a result of CB1 receptors. Why? It’s a CB1 antagonist. Thus, its impacts are non-psychoactive.
CBD Versus THC

Does CBD Oil Get You High?

In a nutshell, CBD oil does not make you high. Here’s why. CBD oil, as we have just said, is purely non-psychoactive. That is to say; it has no negative impacts on your mind. The only negative impact you may get is when you take too much of it. It will cause you to feel tired. But why should you take too much of it anyway?

When you take CBD in the right quantity as advised, you may not feel like anything is happening in your body even after thirty minutes are gone. However, one thing is for sure; you will realize that whatever was bothering you is gone. That could be chronic pain, depression, insomnia, and the like.

So, even if you don’t feel like anything is happening to you, don’t think of using more CBD oil. Just test yourself to ascertain if the issues you were dealing with are still there. Actually, what you should expect after using CBD oil is relaxation, low or no pain whatsoever, and calmness. Why is this possible? The products contained in CBD oil makes it possible.

What Makes CBD Oil?

To make CBD oil effective, it contains several ingredients. Such includes Hemp extract, carrier oil, and flavoring ingredients. In some cases, there may also be vegetable glycerin. Carrier oil can be coconut oil, MCT oil, grape seed oil, or hemp oil. When we talk about the flavoring ingredients, it can be an artificial or natural flavoring.

The rule of thumb is always to check the label to confirm the ingredients that have been used to make the oil. If you get anything extra other than what we have listed here, do not take a minute to think about it. Leave it!
What Makes CBD Oil
Also, buying from trusted brands assures you that the product is genuine. Otherwise, you might deal with complications later. Now that you know CBD oil doesn’t make you high, here’s a probable question you may want to ask;

Should I Use CBD Oil?

Why not? You see, the World Health Organization (WHO), in a November 2017 report states that CBD may be used to treat sickness without pausing any health complications to the users. Further, WHO says that THC and CBD have different impacts on the users? Hence, it concludes that CBD could have tremendous health benefits to users.

So, yes, whether you are a man or woman, you can use CBD. You may also use it on kids for the treatment of Autism.

However, you should always remember to consult your doctor before you start using it, especially if you are using some other medications. Why? Though CBD interacts well with most drugs, it does not interact with every medicine there is in the world. So, be cautious.

Additionally, even though you want to use CBD oil for treatment, if your state has not legalized it, you will be in great trouble for using it. Hence, always consider if the law permits the use of CBD oil.

Finally, What Do We Say?

From our discussion above, you now agree that CBD oil will never get you high, right? Therefore, depending on the health complications you are dealing with, CBD oil could be of help. Nonetheless, the right amount should always be taken according to the doctor’s prescription.

After all, too much of anything always yield negative results. Don’t try it.

Additionally, always check on the label to verify the content of the product. Lastly, honor the law. If the product is yet to be legalized, stay away from it.

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