Do Tennis Courts Add Value to a Property?


Tennis Courts Add Value to a Property 1

You definitely don’t need much of a compelling reason to install a tennis court in your home if you’ve always admired great players like Roger Federer or spent your youth dreaming of becoming a super tennis player. Many die-hard lovers of the tennis game would spend (if they had the money) a significant amount of money to have the privilege of having a private court within their home that is accessible around the clock. If you’re interested, sport surfaces Sydney, experts in various sports surfaces, can help you.

Tennis Courts Add Value to a Property 2

Does A Tennis Court Increase Home Value?

If you want to have a tennis court in your home, you must understand that having a tennis court within your home is indeed beautiful but quite expensive. A tennis court costs anywhere between $25,000 and $120,000 to install and $1,800 a year to maintain. The price varies according to the land’s size, surface area, and original state. But for the right buyer, this additional investment could also increase the value of the house. The tennis court itself also has applications outside of sports, such as serving as a level platform for wedding marquees. In general, the advantages of having a tennis court in your home cannot be overemphasized. Having a sports facility worth thousands of dollars in your home would undoubtedly increase the value of your house, and the right buyers (having similar love for this facility) would pay to make it theirs

Tennis courts rank third on Mansion Global’s list of priorities when choosing between a pool, a grassy outdoor area, or a tennis court. According to Express, it is best to consider installing one if you want to use it rather than any potential payout because the court can overrun smaller properties. However, recent events have made certain tennis courts a more secure investment.

Tennis courts can be composed of various materials, and each performs differently during play and after years of use, they can still prove useful and effective. An estimation revealed that the typical installation prices of tennis courts range from $25,000 for a low-cost grass court installation to $50,000 for an asphalt or post-tensioned concrete surface to approximately $100,000 for a concrete or asphalt base with a premium acrylic top layer.

The most expensive surfaces are made of acrylic since they are long-lasting and require little maintenance. Both grass and clay need to be regularly watered, mowed, or raked; in addition, clay and asphalt courts need $1,000 to $2,000 in annual maintenance. This is because their surface needs to be replaced regularly. An asphalt court must be replaced every 4 to 8 years, costing between $4,000 and $8,000.

Tennis Courts Add Value to a Property 1


One factor to consider before installing a tennis court in your home is the expense of maintaining it. However, as long as you’re not neglectful, it is simple to keep. World Tennis claims that issues such as wear and tear, water, surface damage, or plant infestations can be prevented by spending time on the court and paying attention. Furthermore, the inevitable need to spend money on maintaining your court feels less of a concern if you’re really using it.

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