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You have probably already heard about the automated columns that have been used for a long time in many countries of the world. These are tables with an adjustable surface height. The main idea of such tables is to alternate sitting and standing work.

People who already use an adjustable standing workstation confirm a positive effect of regular changes in body position during the working day. This is an influx of energy, an improvement in concentration, loss of excess weight, the disappearance of back pain, and only positive emotions.

What is very important is that the height adjustment technology allows you to choose the ideal table height for your personal parameters and preferences. Adaptive technology avoids major back problems and improves workplace efficiency. At the same time, its regular use can increase the efficiency of mental work and distribute the load on the spine correctly. Everyone can find many good advantages while working at it for some time: everything is individual but still, it really works. 

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Several words about the disadvantages of standing:

  • Working while standing the whole day is not ok for the lower back and everything that can hurt there (muscles, ligaments, problems with intervertebral discs);
  • with prolonged standing, the damage is also done to the vessels of the lower extremities, which receive excessive blood flow and, if they “send” the blood back in time, make themselves felt on the surface – varicose veins of the lower extremities with the eloquent expansion of the subcutaneous veins and other negative consequences;
  • the joints (hip, knee, and even ankle-foot) are also loaded, which begin to twist, swell, turn red, or simply hurt.

Please note that the disadvantages of such work are felt only if you stand all day. The body always needs rest. Therefore, an adjustable table is more effective in combination with a chair that is comfortable for you personally.

How to Design Your Ideas Adjustable Standing Desk Online to Order

Due to the fast development of automated technologies and artificial intelligence in the world, we can hardly track the number of new smart products that appear currently on the market. But some well-known brands like Progressive Desk continue to attract the attention of their audience thanks to high-quality desks and extra amazing tech accessories, which are very functional and efficient in the process of application. 

What is also interesting, every potential customer has a great and simple opportunity to construct the standing desk the way they need, see the price and buy it if they want. This is an online desk builder produced by Progressive Desk that includes several build steps and a vast variety of options to choose from. When designing online your perfect adjustable standing desk you can pay attention to different details like:

  • Form of the desk/ model;
  • Color of the desktop and columns;
  • Preferred size;
  • Grommet inside of the desk;
  • Type of remote;
  • Other optional accessories.

Finally, you receive a picture of the desk according to your taste, details, and features you want it to have. By the way, when adding or changing something, you will see how the price changes as well. So, as you see, it’s not challenging at all, and you can construct the model you want to have for your workspace in several minutes.  

What Kind of Adjustable Height Desk is Better for Me?

Today, there is a fairly wide selection of various ergonomic tables on the market, and people who care about their health are already actively using them. Further, it is proposed to understand the main features of height-adjustable tables, which will help you easily choose the option that is right for you. 

The first important characteristic of tables is the number of standing columns (legs).

Sit/Stand models with one leg support are ideal for those who have limited working space (for example, the size of the working area is meter per meter). An original version is also possible with the support attached to the wall, which can be a convenient solution for an ergonomic table for a child.

Three-legged desks are designed for those who need a large work surface. Such options have greater strength, and load capacity and require a sufficient office or home space.

However, two-legged tables are the most popular, representing a compromise between compactness, working space, and aesthetic appearance.

The next important characteristic of tables is the load capacity.

Usually, tables withstand from 70 to 200 kg, but still, it depends on the material, design, and country of manufacture.

When choosing a desk, you need to keep in mind the amplitude of the height of the tabletop. And here, first of all, it is necessary to take into account the height of the person who will work for him. The distance between the supports is determined by the length of the proposed top. The design of the support is also an important parameter when choosing a table model with electric height adjustment.

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The Solo Ryzer and Economy Ryzer have the simplest and most unassuming design options, they are relevant for people who are only interested in the functional characteristics of the table.

For those who, in addition to functionality, are also interested in an aesthetic appearance that emphasizes the status and prestige of the user, we can recommend the most elegant model made of bamboo with three legs. This table will ideally fit even the most sophisticated interior and will look great in the manager’s office or meeting room. At the same time, 3 color options for the legs are possible: gray, black, and white.

And finally, you definitely need to decide on the design of the desktop itself.

The size of the tabletops for the proposed basic bases can vary up to 60 cm (except for models with three legs). At the same time, the configurations, sizes, and materials of countertops can be any of your choices.

Although the collection of smart ergonomic tables today is amazing, the most sought-after are the rectangular classic table tops.

It is also worth noting that the height-adjustable table is compatible with many additional accessories that increase user comfort: elbow holders, ergonomic stands, cable trays, holders for monitors and system units, etc.

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