DJ Insurance – Should You, or Shouldn’t You?

Did you know that DJs have the option to get specialized insurance because of the work they do? And no, we are not referring to their car’s insurance or the medical coverage they choose to acquire, but rather to have some sort of coverage in case something happens with their equipment. 

While it may sound strange at first, but should not come as a surprise. Throughout the years, people have insured some of the weirdest stuff, so why shouldn’t DJs insure their expensive equipment in case of damage and theft?

The question here is not why DJs buy insurance but rather if the policy is really an investment or just a waste of money. This is what we are trying to find out today as we analyze what DJ insurance is, the benefits it brings, and whether these benefits are enough to justify the costs. 

What does DJ insurance cover?

Just as car owners can choose between various types of coverage, so can DJs when choosing the policy that suits them best. To make sure their equipment and finances are protected, DJs should make sure to include the following things in their insurance policy:

  • Protection against theft: DJ gear is expensive, and equipment theft is, unfortunately, a huge problem. If you don’t want to lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars because someone decided to make your equipment their own, you should get covered
  • Protection against damage: For the same reason mentioned above – expensive gear – damage coverage can protect you from expensive costs in case your equipment gets damaged during a gig.
  • Protection against liability: This is the most important type of DJ insurance, simply because parties can be hectic places where anything can happen. You may damage a venue’s equipment or be held responsible because of a loose cable, and you want to be protected from that.

How much does DJ insurance cost?

DJ Insurance1

We establish that there are lots of instances in which DJ insurance can protect you, but to determine if the investment is worth it, we need to figure out how expensive this type of coverage is. 

We’ve done some research and were able to find out that DJ insurance is, in fact, not expensive at all. The prices start at $16 a month for basic liability coverage and can grow based on the perks you choose. 

If you don’t want to invest in insurance year-round, you also have the option to purchase single-day coverage in case there is an event you fear may put you at more risk. For one-day policies, prices start at $60 but can go up to around $150. 

Is DJ insurance worth the money?

Now that you have more information about the prices and types of coverage you can get, you can make an educated choice and decide if you need this type of coverage or not. 

In our opinion, DJs should at least ensure their equipment is protected, as it was probably quite a big investment. If you don’t want to spend money on insurance every month just to play at a few events, you can always get one-day insurance for the moments you really need it.

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