DIY Tips to Heat Your Home Efficiently

Do you know that heating your house consumes about 80 per cent of the energy of your household? Winter is on its edge and if you want to keep yourself toasted inside your home, you can follow some DIY tips to keep your house warm in winter and reduce the electricity bills. You may begin from draught-proofing to drawing curtains, as this is an easy and quick way and you can save a huge amount of energy.

Let’s talk about the DIY ways to maintain the warmth inside your home.

Draught-proofing method

Patching the draught of your house can be a simple solution, all you have to do is make your own draught excluder that will help you warm in your home. This can be done at a very low cost. Fill the gaps around your doors and windows using the seals of self-adhering rubber and apply door draught excluder which is an insulating tape in order to stop the cold from entering in your house. This will help you to save your energy bills as these materials are cheap and installed easily. So, spend some money and sell your home before the winter arrives completely.
Draught-proofing method

Set your temperature

Do you want to know how to set the temperature of your house? According to World Health Organisation (WHO), a minimum of 21-degree centigrade temperature is appropriate for your living room. Set your temperature between 18 and 29-degree centigrade. Set the thermostat at one-degree temperature and then using a timing device or timer for switching it off and on to maintain the heating will be another decent idea. This way you can reduce your energy bills up to 15 per cent. Therefore, keep your temperature at 18 degrees, save your energy and money and avoid your house from being affected by the cold.

Insulate hot water pipes with foam tubes

In order to keep your hot water tank completely insulated or lagged, you can use the pipe lagging technique. This technique helps in keeping the water warm over a long period of time and your energy costs will be reduced. It makes proper heating and hot water more effectual. If I were you and I want to buy a pipe lagging from the DIY stock, I will visit a heating service near me as they require no tools and are fitted in seconds’ time.
Insulate hot water pipes with foam tubes

Drafts stoppers

During the winter season, spend some money on double draft stoppers which are fitted at the bottom of the door and windows as well. These stoppers have low cost and protect your house from the cold air.

Open the curtains

Make use of the heat from the sun. During the daytime, open the curtains and be certain that the sunlight is entering in. Before the darkness, close your curtains that will also serve as a form of insulation and the rooms of your house will remain warm. In order to condense, make sure that no gaps are there in the walls your home so that the warm air remains inside.

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