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DEWALT 20V MAX Random Orbital Sander Kit (DCW210P1) Review

DeWALT 20V MAX Random Orbital Sander Kit is a cordless sander that you can use to sand your wood furniture without being bothered by long extension cords. It can finish the new carpentry projects you made for your home to a satisfactory softness like professional. It is also useful for salvaging wood with surfaces that are too rough or stained wood that you plan on throwing away.

The 1.9 pounds DeWALT cordless sander is equipped with a brushless motor for maximum efficiency. It features a 5 inch sanding surface and an 8-hole hook and loop sanding pad. Over the 8 hole hook and loop is a replaceable sanding surface that assist in picking up the dust more effectively. During operation, the sanding surface will rotate in randomly orbiting movement while making a low vibrational noise.

DeWALT cordless sander features a low profile design for better precision. The rubber overmold absorbs most of the vibration to reduce noise disturbance when you are working on your project. There are rectangle grips on top for firmer gripping. As a cordless sander, it has a dust sealed power switch that allows you to conveniently turn it on and off. The dust sealed feature prevents the dust on your work surfaces from getting into the motor inside and damage it.

Beside the switch is a dial with 7 operational speeds that range from 8,000 – 12,000 OPM dial. You can adjust the dial to the speed you want to prevent over sanding. It sands even more finer as you increase the speed setting on the dial. Sanding the surface at high speed constantly can quickly drain up the battery.


The 20 volt DeWALT sander is able to run on a maximum of 20 v battery pack which can provide around 4 operational hours. The battery has to be purchased separately but you can get it cheaper when you buy it in a bundle. The battery is popped into the port at the back which can be a bit troublesome. It seems to pull down the weight of the sander when you are trying to grip it firmly to sand the wood surface.

If you don’t want your hand to get tired easily, you can use a smaller 2 AH battery instead for easier handling. The bigger the size of the battery, the longer is the operational hours. Every now and then, the battery would pop out. For example, it could go for 5 minutes and then pop out on its own. When the battery pop out, you need to fit it back to get it work again.

DeWALT 20v sander has a detachable dust bag that can be easily attached through the one handed locking mechanism. When the dust bag is detached, you can connect a compatible DeWalt vacuum for more effective dust removal. You’ll need an universal attachment to connect a 1 1/4 inch vacuum hose of which you have to purchase separately. The dust port on the DeWALT 20v sander is designed to be compatible with DWV010 and DWV012 collectors.

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