Determining the Best Electricity Tariffs in South Australia

South Australia leads in automotive manufacturing and bio-science. The region is also the gateway to the stunning River Murray. You can genuinely achieve a perfect work-life balance in SA, owing to its enticing mix of lucrative employment and recreation options.

However, to lead a comfortable life in SA, you need to keep a tab on expenses like electricity tariffs. You can consult top experts, who can help you compare electricity SA, offered by the best providers in the state. Here’s how they suggest you determine the best electricity plan for your specific needs. 

Firstly, you need to be aware of different kinds of tariffs before making your decision. They are: 

Single Rate Tariffs

If you are an experienced tourist guide, you will plan exquisite day trips for tourists, covering SA’s top attractions, including the Barossa Valley and the Flinders Ranges. It implies you will be at home a lot in the evenings during the weekdays. 

In such scenarios, consultants suggest single-rate tariffs as the best option. As there will be no peak or off-peak periods, ensuring you pay the same rates whenever you use electricity.

Time-of-use Tariffs

South Australia is home to industry leaders in automation and control systems engineering, finance, and insurance. When you work in such sectors, you are most likely to be free to do your household chores over the weekends.

When you compare electricity in SA, you will find time-of-use tariffs quite beneficial since the electricity prices vary for each time of day. While you have high peak rates, applying for the evenings from Monday to Friday, the off-peak rates are less expensive, typically applicable during the daytime. Experts suggest looking for retailers transparent with start and end times of different durations for their time-of-use tariff plan. 

Electricity Tariffs1

Tariff 110

With the pandemic outbreak last year and the resultant lockdowns, job portals have shown an increase in work-from-home opportunities, some touching nearly 1500. 

If your job profile requires you to work from home, experts recommend paying for your electricity depending on how much you use it rather than when you utilise it. 

Look for options, such as Tariff 110, known as peak, domestic, or anytime on your bill. Check if the electricity provider splits your energy usage into daily blocks, with the first chunk usually getting charged at the lowest rate.

Controlled Load Tariffs

From leading glass manufacturers to sewage treatment plants, the most thriving establishments of South Australia are typically in and around Adelaide. And if you toil in such plants, you need to start your day early to make it on time for your early shifts.

In such circumstances, you will need appliances, such as hot water systems, that you can run overnight, which will make your routine less tedious. Retailers can charge you a controlled load tariff, a rate just for the specific equipment and the energy it uses. 

Ensure the rates are relatively lower than other tariffs. Specialists in SA advise looking for Tariff 116, a separate metered circuit for major appliances you may use for a few hours.

Electricity Tariffs2

Demand Tariffs

South Australia presents a Mediterranean climate, with mild to cool winters and hot, dry summers. Thus, your electricity usage will differ with the changing weather conditions.

Experts recommend choosing retailers who adjust their tariffs, with higher rates in summer and lower in winter. This way, you are charged for how intensely you use electricity at any point in time, thus ensuring your bills remain balanced over the entire year.

Consult a Reputed Specialist

Recently, rooftop solar caused South Australia’s average daytime electricity prices to fall below zero in the history of the National Electricity Market.

If you wish to make the most out of such reduced rates, it is best to discuss the electricity tariffs applicable in SA with an experienced professional. You can thus ensure you get charged for only the energy you use and enjoy South Australia’s lower cost of living to the fullest.

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