Facts You Should Be Aware Of Before Repairing Your Windows


Repairing Your Windows1

Windows have the purpose of letting light in your home, and they also play a part in controlling the temperatures inside of it. Because of these vital roles, it is important that you keep your windows in good working conditions. If you notice an issue with any of your units, you should repair or replace them as soon as possible. Here are some facts you should be aware of before doing that.

Understanding Different Types

There are many different ways windows can be categorized – with the most common ones being the type of opening and the glass component. While the first criteria can definitely play a role in the overall repair costs, the most significant part of your bill will be determined by the size and other characteristics of the glass. According to their glass component, below are several types:

  • Single Glazed – Made of one glass pane, they are used for decorating purposes, as they provide little insulation from the outside temperatures.
  • Double Glazed – These consist of two glass sheets with a layer of gas or air between them for insulation purposes.
  • Triple Glazed – Similar to the previous one, with the difference of an additional sheet for more protection from the elements.
  • Low-E Glass – These are built with a low emission gas that adds a heat or cold reflecting coating to help control the temperatures inside your home.

Window frames in older homes are more often than not built of wood, while in modern ones, they are made of uPVC or aluminum. All of these materials have their advantages and disadvantages and depending on the issue, this can translate into their repair costs as well.

Typical Issues

Aside from the glass being broken, there could be a number of other things that can cause issues with your windows. For example, if you have difficulties opening them, there could be something wrong with the lock, and this can be easily fixed with lubrication or the replacement of the mechanism. Similarly, if you can’t close them properly, the culprit may be a defective pivot bar or the spring balance. Fortunately, neither one is too expensive to replace. However, if these elements are working and you still can’t close the window to prevent a draft, you probably have a damaged frame. Depending on the extent of the problem, you may have to replace it entirely.

Another common problem that occurs is condensation. If this happens on the outer layers of the glass so you can clean it, it’s usually caused by too much moisture inside your home. However, if the fogging occurs between the two layers of glass, your glass unit is blown, and you will need to replace it as soon as possible. While having a crystal clear surface provides an aesthetically pleasing view, replacing the old one is necessary for more important reasons too. Without the proper glass unit, it won’t provide enough insulation from the outside temperatures, which will result in high energy bills.

Repairing Your Windows2

Repair or Replace

Fortunately, most common window issues can be repaired by only replacing smaller units, sparing you from bills. As mentioned before, smaller, less expensive parts like hinges, jambs, or sash are easy to change. Most of the damages concerning the glass can also be fixed by putting in new sheets.

Now, if the problem lies with the frame itself, the matter becomes more complicated. While modern uPVC frames provide more insulation and have cheaper repair costs, they are also prone to warping and other damages, rendering them entirely useless. Wooden cases, on the other hand, are sturdier, but if they aren’t protected from the elements, they can also shift positions, making it impossible for them to function properly. In case of severe damage to the frame, you will have a choice of either a very high repair bill or invest in a new model. Considering good quality windows made nowadays can provide even more protection and require fewer repairs, and this is an option you should definitely consider.

While upgrading your old windows often seems like a more economical solution, this is not always the case. Often, putting in new models will save you money on repairs and keep your energy bills low. For this reason, it’s crucial to understand the extent of damage you have on your windows, so you can make a decision on which way to go. In any case, it’s worth doing a little bit of research on repair costs and comparing quotes that various companies have to offer for the work you need to be done.

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