Designing The Ultimate Kitchens

Bespoke kitchens are the new thing — everyone wants the heart of their home tailored to their personality. With the investment of technology and the flurry of more innovative appliances available, the cost of a kitchen project can soon add up.

However, to achieve the perfect look, you need to have the right idea of what appliances you should be purchasing. Modern kitchens benefit greatly from new sleek appliances, giving the design an additional minimalistic aesthetic. But innovation is not limited to homeowners of modern properties. Luxury touches can be achieved across styles of kitchens.

Installing a Wine Cooler

Installing a Wine Cooler

If you’re an avid wine drinker, you’ve must’ve considered the installation of a wine cooler in the past — and with your dream home renovations, now couldn’t be the more perfect time.Wine coolers have humidity controls, with a UV-resistant glass door to protect good quality bottles from natural sunlight – some of which also feature independently-controlled temperature zones, so you can cool a red and white wine at different temperatures. Wine fridges have also been designed in slim-line models so there is no need to sacrifice valuable storage space on an island or in smaller kitchens. From the standard buyer and entertainer to the collector and sommelier, a wine cooler serves as a perfect appliance to add a little luxury to a kitchen design. But just how much will they set you back?

Wine coolers vary in price too, meaning that you’ve got plenty to choose from. Whether you opt for a basic one that still does the job, or an exceptional system that can hold up to 100 bottles — the option is yours.

Not only can you purchase a wine cooler, but a serving system too. Engineering to store bottles of wine at the optimum temperature and make pouring glass easier, you will truly impress your guests with this appliance. The system keeps wine fresh for anywhere between 10 days and two months, depending on the model you choose. You can expect to pay anywhere from £750 to £4000for an impressive wine station.

A Coffee System for Life

A Coffee System for Life

Coffee addict? Well when designing your new kitchen, you must save space for a coffee machine. Innovation in this field has led to coffee machines with interactive touchscreens and machines such as Nespresso’s Prodigio with a Bluetooth feature so that your morning brew can be made from your bed via your phone. The Bodum Coffee & Tea Maker is another great design, combining a tea and coffee machine in one to cater for all tastes. Miele provides the perfect range of in-built coffee machines, crafted with a comfort door and cup sensor, to achieve a sleek finish in your kitchen.

They’re quite affordable too. However, for a more indulgent purchase, companies such as Venus, engineers of the Venus Century Espresso Machine have created models which could set you back around£15,000.

A Quirky Refrigerator

If you’re a lover of the unusual, installing a retro-styled refrigerator might be the way forward. Newer models have a touch screen fridge which takes a photo of the contents to preview on your phone so there’s no need to write a weekly shopping list. For this integrated technology, you can look to invest around £1,000 to £3,000.

Instant Hot Water

Instant Hot Water

Forget the kettle, you’re installing an instant hot water tap — perfect for making a quick brew on your morning rush! Most models reach 98° however, Quooker taps reach 100° to provide the true replacement for your kettle. Aside from making tea and coffee in a flash, the hot water taps prove a useful cooking aid when using your hob. What’s more, taps can now be truly unique to you with a range of finishes so that your design can be in line with the latest colour trends. Quooker tap prices start at £600, and prices increase depending on the design of the tap, the finish, the tank, and any accessories you want to accompany it.

What will you be adding to your dream board?

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