DeLightful Designs: 3 Neon Signs You Should Have at Home

DeLightful Designs: 3 Neon Signs You Should Have at Home

The holidays are coming. Most of us are busy decorating our home by displaying our Christmas trees and Christmas lights. No matter our problems or what we’re going through, it would be best to keep ourselves busy by designing our home for the upcoming holidays. This will give us hope and clear our minds, even for a short time.

But some people want to be unique and want a different design other than Christmas lights. Having that said, custom neon signs are the perfect gift for your home. Neon signs are powered by gas-filled tubes that contain Neon or any other gas.

It was in 1898 when William Ramsay and Morris Travers discovered Neon along with two other elements. After using a Geissler tube, they found out that certain gases emit a bright light when electricity is applied to them. Neon emitted a particularly bright orange light. With that said, further testing revealed that other gases also produced other colors. For example, carbon dioxide emitted white, helium produced yellow, hydrogen made red, etc.

George Claude, also known as the Edison of Paris, was the first person to use the Neon light and flaunt it in the Paris Motor Show in 1910. He also applied for a patent that year, and this is how neon lights started to grow in the market. It’s nostalgic, right? With that in mind, here are the types of Neon signs and lightings.

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Personalized Signs for Your Room

We always want our room to be clean and beautiful, regardless if it is a bedroom or a guests’ room. This might be challenging for some people because it’s easy to clean the room but difficult to choose your room designs. Not everyone is creative, but most of us already know what to do with our room; we just need proper execution and correct designs.

With that said, a lot of people put in customized neon signs with varying designs in their rooms. Some people will post their favorite movies or even favorite dinosaurs in their room. 

Take a moment and think of your room full of Neon Lights. Exciting, right? It feels like you’re in your favorite movie or anime instead of just posting it on your wall. When your friends come over, you have something unique and memorable to show.

One advantage of having Neon Lights in your room is you can customize it the way you always wanted it. Just give out a realistic design, and the store will be the one to execute it. Less hassle and saves your time. You can also call or visit Neon87 for more information.

Neon on Print

Neon Printing is not just an excellent decoration for your home, but also in your workplace. Neon produces a bright orange light as its particles are more loose and react faster to electricity. These lights are perfect for lifting up the mood, especially during festive seasons such as the Christmas season.

It’s also a good idea to be creative when choosing the design that you want. Choose an eye-catching neon sign that will give life to the interior design of your house or office. In choosing the paper, it would be best to have coated paper, kraft paper, and uncoated paper. 

Neon on print is not that expensive. If you’re on a budget but still want your house to look festive, then you can’t go wrong with this option. These decoratives are also good investments because, unlike traditional light bulbs, neon lights last longer. As long as your lights are working, then you can reuse them for the next holiday season. 

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Neon Mirror Box

A Neon Mirror Box is one of the most attractive neon signs you can get. You can see this right away at restaurants or reception areas because it’s an eye-catching one. The decoration’s idea is to use a laser to encrypt the design into the mirror, subtly looking. However, you can also use this design in your house.

When you hand out the design you want, It’s a good idea to choose a sign or color of light that suits your home and a design that your family will feel it’s Christmas time. You may get some ideas below:

  • Your favorite color
  • Your lucky number
  • Your favorite animal
  • Your family picture
  • Christmas Tree
  • Stars


One of the most important rooms inside our house is our own room. Our room is our sanctuary; it’s where we sleep and dream of our aspirations. It’s a place that’s uniquely you. With that said, a good idea to do is to put in neon signs in your room. Some might argue that neon signs are a bit bright but there are signs where you can control the brightness.

Above are three designs that you can incorporate in your room design. Not only do these designs look cool, they offer a whole new level of personalization. Got a favorite animal or dinosaur? How about a certain name or a specific design? Put them in a neon sign in your room!

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