Decorative and Interesting Wall Painting Techniques to Add Style


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Wall Painting Techniques

Walls need a makeover, besides the furniture, upholstery, window solutions, lighting fixtures, and accessories. Painting techniques have evolved, where you can blend colors to make the walls visually appealing. 

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Awesome wall painting techniques



It means ‘Streaking’ in French. Strie is a stunning wall painting style that creates the look of linen material. Vertical or horizontal lines get created with paints that add texture and warmth to space. This style is compatible with any kind of theme.


Amazing patterns like interlocking squares, stripes, and chevrons can be created with taped painting style. Cover areas you don’t need to paint with the painter’s tape.

Color wash

It adds softness, warmth, texture, and depth to space. You can use two contrasting colors. The technique is easy, simple yet aesthetic, and pocket-friendly.


Sponge paint rollers are used or you can get creative with a simple sponge and add some visual punch and dynamic textures on the wall. It needs a little creativity and does not need specific painting skills. Nothing can go messy with this painting style!

Rag rolling

Rag rolling

Visual interest gets created with the soft textured effect from rag painting. A rag is rolled up and down on the wet painted walls. It adds texture and depth. A great option for small rooms because sot textures mask the room dimension. It appears spacious and less cramped.


A single color slowly blends with another creating a fading effect. A dark shade gradually blends from top to bottom or side to side across the wall. The two shades create an interesting effect.

Metallic Blocks

Paint the whole wall with a metallic hue for a stylish look. Add metallic blocks to get an extra layered look. The metallic add shine and shimmer to the walls.

Wall stenciling

Wall stenciling

It is a simple way of adding sophistication and elegance to space at a low cost. Wall stencils are a money-saving option for vinyl decals or wallpaper. The best way to update your home walls is by using this technique.


It is an ageless staple technique that never loses its elegance, freshness, and classiness. It adds fun to space. You can incorporate thin or fat, vertical or horizontal, and bold or light contrast stripes.


Classic harlequin pattern instantly adds vibrancy and liveliness to any type of room design. It works great in the master bedroom and dining room. Choose the right colors or high/subtle contrasts in bold hues.


The squares add personality to a plain wall. The checkerboard pattern adds style and life to space. There is no need for any other décor. Checkers can be painted in the same neutral colors or a bold contrast to add a stylish splash. 

Polka dots

It is an evergreen painting style that adds a punch to space. Polka dots make the room look bold and playful.

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