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Designer Secrets : 5 Decorating Rules Worth Breaking

Rules are meant to be broken, the saying goes. Well, not sure how smart it is to make this your life motto, but when it comes to interior design, breaking the rules is a sure path to a creative environment. Yes, white walls make space visually bigger and too many accessories can appear messy, but does this really apply to your own mindset? Let’s see what decorating rules you can forget about in your own home interior if that’s something that you find appealing.

Turkish living room interior decorations

Turkish Living Room By Drake Anderson

1. Keep Things Simple With Colours

Now, we all know that plain, muted wall colours make the small space visually bigger. But, so what? In the end, it will still be the same size. In that respect, you can easily break this rule and introduce as much colour and pattern in your interior as you like.

black walls living roomClassic Hyannisport Residence Design By Foley & Cox Interiors Photography By Greg Premru & David Gilbert Via LDA Architects

Vibrant shades, dark shades, geometrical patterns, wall murals, and interesting wallpapers – the possibilities are endless when your creativity is involved. Why bother then with plain walls if they are not going to make you happy? Use this space according to your taste and preferences worry-free. The important thing is that you like and enjoy it.

polished concrete floor kitchen and dining roomCottesloe Residence By Alter Eco | Photography By Tara Pearce

2. Avoid Plants With Colourful Petals & Foliage

Most interior designers advocate sleek and elegant plants as a perfect choice for interior décor but if you simply don’t like things to be so plain, feel free to introduce any type of flower into your environment.

minimalist bedroom ideas with plants decorationModern Greenhouse in Brooklyn Photography By Genevieve Garruppo For Design Sponge

Forget about interior vs. exterior plant rule and go for any type of greenery and vibrant flowers that you find fascinating. The plants will work their positive magic if you truly enjoy looking at them.

bohemian study room decor with vibrant flowersOpen Lacquered Cabinet Interior By KLC Studios

3. Keep The Clutter Down

decorating living room ideasFamily House, Chelsea By Helen Green Design

One of the main rules for interior decorating is to avoid having too many decorative bits and pieces because they can create a messy and cluttered impression. But, if you’re pretty good in organising and grouping your accessories and décor, there’s absolutely no reason for you not to break this rule. It’s true that your rooms will require dusting more often in this case, but if you have no problem with that, feel free to display all your knick-knacks the way it suits you the best.

small eclectic living roomsWonder Wall Via Ryland Peters

4. Dining Area

stylish sophisticated dining room interior designStylized Sophistication Design By Dallas Design Group | Interior Design By Rebecca Kennedy & Photographer By Dan Piassick

First of all – no it’s not. If you don’t feel any more special when you eat at a dining table, then you don’t have to bother with breaking this rule. But, most people actually find their meals a lot more pleasing when there is a specific, designated area for eating. There are also various ways for you to incorporate a dining space into a small room, so if you have your inspiration ready, your dining area will be ready in a jiffy. There are as many ideas on how to decorate a dining room and experiment with style.

Dining chair by Danish designers such as Hans WegnerPier One Hotel Dining Chair By Danish Designers Such as Hans Wegner | Photography By Anson Smart

5. Classic Bathroom

freestanding tub bathroom ideasLondon Townhouse, Maida Vale By Drummonds

This is a strange rule from the beginning and it’s simply asking to be broken. Regardless of whether your bathroom is small or large, it’s still a place where you want to relax, unwind and have some much needed “me” time. That being said, feel free to decorate it however you want. Tiles are no longer a limit when it comes to walls and flooring. Utilising the space doesn’t have to be all about boring bathroom cabinets. With a wide variety of freestanding baths, you don’t even have to settle for the average, plain-looking bathroom utilities either. It’s all about making this important space comfortable and pleasant for you, not anyone else.

Black and White Bathroom Tiles DesignBlack & White Tiles Bathroom Via Amberth

The bottom line here is the fact that you are the most suitable designer for your own home. You have all the freedom to make the best of the space that you have. This doesn’t mean that you should ditch interior design magazines and décor-related blog posts, but make sure that in the end, you make your own rules for the look of your home.

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