Deciding If It’s Time for an Assisted Care Facility

One of the most heart-wrenching decisions that a person can make is whether or not to keep a senior parent at home or to look into a senior living community. While there are many sides to the debate, the major questions to ask are how capable is the senior and how much care do they need. The first is all about how well the senior can care for themselves. Not all seniors are equally capable. Some can easily take care of themselves. Others cannot be trusted to get themselves a sandwich or take care of their own bills. By the same token, other seniors need special care and that needs to be allowed for.

Settling The Debate

Settling The Debate

The debate is going to have to be judged off the available facts. There are a lot of factors that need to go into the decision. While many communities exist that could be considered perfect choices, such as The Oaks of Inglewood, it is still a decision that will need careful consideration. Something to keep in mind is that the decision needs to be based on the needs of the family. It needs to be more logical than emotional.

As noted, the two biggest questions will involve personal responsibility and care needed. Some seniors lack the ability to take care of even basic responsibilities, such as bills and food preparation. Some have begun to even stop bathing and have begun hoarding. For those with pets, this could mean that they have stopped taking care of those as well. Others have a regimen of personal care that needs to be followed and they are either incapable of or unwilling to follow up on it themselves.

While the family can help with a lot of these needs, there just hits a point where it can be too much. At that point, some sort of senior living community needs to be debated.

Making The Choice

If you feel that your senior is at a point where they need help, it is time to start looking seriously at senior assisted living communities. It is advised that you do not worry too much about finding a place that you are merely comfortable with, but one that you can think that the senior can enjoy. Admittedly, the budget will need to be one of the considerations as you will need to afford the place you eventually choose, but there are other criteria that should be part of the decision as well.

Nonetheless, a personal inspection of the facilities is just a first step.

You should not feel pressured to choose a place on the first visit. If you have found a place you like, then it is time to do the research.

Try to do some research before even looking at a place. Once you have actually been there and have been able to see the facility, you can do additional deeper research.

You might be able to ask certain individuals that you have met who have a loved one there and ask them how their experience has been. Look online also for comments about the facility you are considering.

The Final Debate

The Final Debate
You will need to write down specific questions to ask before you go visit the facility.

Take that list of questions with you and get all your important questions answered. If the place meets basic criteria, such as the budget is right, the place looks good, and the staff appears to know their jobs and do them well, it may be time to start looking into moving in. You should also feel comfortable in the place, including feeling comfortable that the senior in question will be comfortable and protected.

While not all seniors are ready for community living, it is worth debating at some point. While you could take care of the person at home, even hiring a live-in nurse, that may not be the optimal long-term solution for everyone involved. Remember to look at the situation as a whole when deciding so that you can make the best possible decision.

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