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Cutest Small Breed Puppies that Don’t Shed

Cutest Small Breed Puppies that Don’t Shed

Do you dream about having a dog, but you’re afraid that you won’t enjoy having dog hair on your clothes and upholstery? The truth is that dog hair can become problematic, especially for those that want to keep their dogs indoors.

Luckily, there are small dogs that don’t shed that much, due to the fact that they don’t have an undercoat. This makes them ideal for apartments and indoor spaces, as you will rarely see any trace of dog hair around the house. If you opt to give your dog a puppy cut, dog hair will be out of your sight for good.

So, having all these in mind, here is a list of cute small dog breeds that barely shed. Most certainly you will find the ideal companion among these lovable and very friendly dog breeds.


For years, this has been the most popular dog breed for those that wanted an easy going dog, suitable for living indoors. The Poodle is still in the top of preferences, due to its smartness and loving nature. It is very easy to train, as it loves to please its owner, and will barely shed.

The breed is known for having a soft, hypoallergenic coat. So, with a Poodle in the house, you will never know how dog hair looks like. If you like a low maintenance dog, as the Poodle will require periodic grooming, you can also opt for a shorter cut.

Bichon Frise

There are high chances you’ll instantly fall in love with this cute small dog breed that looks like a snowball. The Bichon Frise is extremely playful and loves spending time with its owner. When it comes to its coat, the soft hair of the Frise will require a bit of attention, as it can easily get tangled.

In fact, the only moment when the Bichon Frise will start losing hair it is when its coat is tangled and in poor shape. If you cut its coat and groom it periodically, this dog breed will not cause any dog hair-related issues.

Miniature Schnauzer

If you always liked the Schnauzer but you thought it is too big for your apartment, you can always opt for its smaller version, the Miniature Schnauzer. So, you will have the same looks and personality, but in a much smaller package.

The Miniature Schnauzer is famous for its rather coarse coat that barely sheds. Yes, it will need periodic trimming and cutting, but if you stick to these operations dog hair will never cause any issues. But, apart from this, this dog breed is ideal for families with children, as they are happy and playful dogs.

Sugar the maltese



The Maltese is another dog breed appreciated for its looks and for the fact that it doesn’t shed. It is a dog breed ideal for the indoors because its coat has no undercoat and it has a reduced size. But, even if it doesn’t shed, its pure white soft coat will require proper maintenance.

This is why most Maltese owners will prefer a puppy cut for their dogs. This way they won’t have to deal with grooming operations too often. Considering that this dog can grow a floor-length coat, this can mean a lot of maintenance to keep the coat looking great and prevent the formation of knots.

Baker the Havanese


The Havanese is highly appreciated for its lovable and playful nature. It is the kind of dog suitable both for single people or seniors and for families with children as well. This is due to the fact that it can be a gentle lap dog, or the ideal playtime companion, according to the case. As long as it gets the chance to spend time with its owner, everything is perfect.

It has a medium-length coat with a wavy aspect. Grooming will be required, even if you will choose to give it a shorter cut. But, in terms of shedding, this dog breed will create no problems in this sector.

Shih Tzu

Once the dog of a royal family, the Shih Tzu still has something charming about it. It has an inexplicable elegance and a rather large character in comparison with its small stature. But, with its family, the Shih Tzu is gentle and lovable, appreciating all the attention it will get.

It can grow a rather long coat, its soft and straight hair, available in a wide range of color combinations, requiring proper maintenance. Of course, you can always choose a puppy cut if you want to save time on grooming.


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