Custom Paintings Make the Perfect Housewarming Gift

Alt attribute: A custom painting of a charming cottage-style house done in watercolor, with stone facing and beautiful landscaping rendered in exquisite detail.

Housewarming gifts can be tricky. Sometimes people register for them, but more often than not, you’ll be left to figure out what kind of gift the new homeowner or renter would like. Even with the people we know the best, it can be difficult to figure out what they don’t have already and to get the perfect version of that thing.

Housewares are traditional housewarming gifts, but what do they have already? In this day and age, more people are cohabitating before marriage. In fact, cohabitation before marriage is up 900% in the past 50 years, so many people have already built a life together before they move into their first ‘home’ (rather than just a house or apartment that’s temporary). They oftentimes don’t actually need much by the time they reach the point of throwing a housewarming party.

Wine, other alcoholic drinks, or food is kind of cliché and unoriginal, though consumables (especially if you know their taste in this department) are a better option than something they absolutely don’t need or have a use for. A custom portrait bridges the gaps between what people want, what they need, and what they can actually use.

Options for Housewarming Paintings

First, many people might be asking, “How can I get my hands on a custom painting?” It’s actually so easy in this day and age. At Paint Your Life, you can have a photo of a person, pet, or place turned into painting by one of our professional artists. You get to choose from several different mediums, and you can request changes based on the online proof that you’ll be sent if you’re not totally happy with the painting on the first go.
Options for Housewarming Paintings

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Once you’ve made the decision to have a custom painting commissioned, you may be stumped on just what you should have painted for the lucky new homeowner. Read on for ideas and how you can find the right photo to turn into a portrait while keeping it a surprise.

A Painting of Their New Home

This is probably the absolute best idea for a custom portrait housewarming gift. Having their new home painted absolutely makes sense, and it can serve as meaningful décor in their new place. You can almost guarantee that they don’t already have a portrait (or even a wall-quality photo) of their new home.

To pull this one off, you may have to pull a photograph from the listing page if you haven’t had an opportunity to go by the new house yet. Check out the address on Zillow or and search through the listing photos to find the right shot.

Since most real estate agents do a great job with their listing photos, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a quality shot.

A custom house portrait looks great in pretty much any medium, from oil to watercolor to charcoal. Choose the medium that you feel will match the recipient’s personal style the best. It can also help for you to think about where they might want to place the portrait when you’re making this type of decision.

Sneak some questions into regular conversation about the types of art they enjoy if you’re having trouble making decisions.

A Custom Family Portrait

For a housewarming party for a family moving into their forever home, a custom family portrait would make a great gift. To find a suitable photo, you can search the recipient’s social media for a great photo, go through your personal collection of photos, or even go hunting for last year’s Christmas card if you’re coming up empty on the first two options.

A Couples Painting

A Couples Painting
If a couple is moving in together for the first time or taking the next big step and buying their first home together, a couples painting is an appropriate gift choice. Once again, you can take to social media, Christmas cards, engagement announcements, or even find an occasion to snap your own photo of the happy couple. Try inviting them to a nice dinner so they look portrait ready for your snapshot.

A Pet Portrait

Some people love their pets, like, really love their pets. If the recipient has a pet that means the world to them, they may really appreciate a custom portrait you will treasure of their pet. If you don’t have a great photo of their pet, you can always ask them to send you a picture to brighten your day. While it’ll most certainly brighten your day, I’m sure your ulterior motives will be forgotten once they see their amazing dog portraits from photos.

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